Looks like Temple might lose their coach

(Cary) #1

Geoff Collins has emerged as the top candidate for Georgia Tech.

(Russel ) #2

Damn already…this is insanity lol


Welcome to the club Temple.


Is the Temple coach an option offense guy?


No, he’s the former DC at Florida and runs more of a balanced offense.


Good grief.


He would be better off staying at Temple, imo. Balance of power is shifting in the AAC to the East and Temple could be in the championship game next year.

(Steve O'Keefe) #8



AAC has become the coach training ground for the P5.


Good enough to supply them with coaches but not good enough to be included into the playoff system.

(Chris) #11

Don’t be surprised if the new UCF Coach becomes the old UCF Coach. The cartel has everything to gain.

(Mike Higdon) #12

I would not be surprised to see Temple, UCF, Cincy, and Memphis all lose their head coaches. My only surprise is that it hasn’t already happened.


It’s pretty much a given in the AAC–win and you lose your coaching staff.


That’s true. Certainly if you win 10+ games, you’ll be getting P5 offers for 2 to 3 times your current pay!

(Tom) #15

You certainly don’t have to win your conference to get poached.

(David) #16

It appears SOS does not matter to P5s when it comes to poaching coaches with moderate success in the AAC.

(Ben B) #17

What’s hilarious is they are leaving for jobs that aren’t as good. Just because something is a pay raise, doesn’t make it a better job.


It’s ok fellas. We will return the favor by hiring their championship level coordinators as our head coaches. We’ll see how long the Bama’s, Clemson’s, Ohio State’s etc. of the world can sustain their success level without stability at the coordinator positions. If CMA can keep us competitive, we can just keep poaching the P5 like they poach us.

As a side note, is it dead period during recruiting right now? If not, is it unethical for CMA to be on the phone with Temple recruits?:thinking:

(Bran) #19

Time to file a antitrust lawsuit

(Dan) #20

I’ll say it every time an AAC coach besides Frost gets poached. At least evil CTH led us to a NY6 win and conference championship, G5 promised land, before departing. Did Temple ever even win the division under this guy? Stinks to be poached when your success wasn’t even that great.