Looks like Temple might lose their coach


Exactly. If Collins were to spend one more year at Temple with the success he had after the QB change this year, he would get way better offers than Ga Tech.

(Patrick) #22

Collins is from Georgia and got his start in D1 coaching by being a GA at Georgia Tech; later became a Recruiting Coordinator for them. He’s basically going home. Not really a surprise in the end as no one expected Collins to stay long when he got the job if he had any type of success.

Hopefully, Temple can hire someone decent and continue their success. They should look hard at Todd Orlando, he’s a northeast guy from Pennsylvania and started his coaching career in the state.

(Mike Higdon) #23

Until recruits sign the dotted line they are up for grabs. Do you think that none of the players committed to us are getting calls and offers from other teams? How many times have we lost committed players in the last day or two? Lots is the answer; its the nature of the game.

I am sure that CMA is following the NCAA rules about calls and texts. Its not like when Kelvin Sampson was hit for doing what is perfectly legal now.

BTW, Ga. Tech is not a bad job at all. They just want to have a good team that doesn’t have to challenge Bama every year. They are a lot like Standford in that they want to win with good students. They and Tulane both dropped out of the SEC when I was young guy because they thought the SEC was not emphasizing academics enough and I am sure they feel comfortable with the ACC.