Loss record


Sampson made a good point on the radio the other day. Polls really only mean something to the fans.

As long as you get in the dance and win all your games you can have the worst loss record that year for schools that got in and still win the NC. I recall a team in 83 that won it all on a dunk that had10 losses.


I still think UH will have 3 more losses at worst, not counting conference tournament.

(Butch) #3

Temple proved we have not arrived just yet. They out hustled us and deserved to win. Let’s face it, you are not going to get many calls on the road, and Temple was no exception.
I was proud of the way our Coogs fought to the bitter end. But conference games are going to be tough, especially road games.
Mainly I want to see us continue to improve as a team. Hinton is coming on and so is Jarreau…but I would love to see White step it up, especially on defense where he continues to commit silly fouls. He is a really good athlete with ups. Once he gets his offensive game going he can be much like Devin Davis was for us last year.
Once again, this team has not peaked, so yes there may be more losses on the horizon. But I still think when playoff time arrives this team will be one no one wants to play…


Arrived as a final four team, I agree. As a sweet 16 team, no doubt! Anything after that is freaking fantastic.


Things that only matter to the fans are still pretty important, though. Those rankings drive interest and attendance, which can have impact on games, too.

I understand what Sampson is saying, but rankings do mattter, because there’s a direct correlation with attendance and revenue, both of which impact the program in a big way. Rankings drive media attention, which also brings people in.

We had good early season attendance because of the new building, have kept it going by winning, but being ranked will build on that.


I think it matters where we are seeded in the tournament though. The less losses, the better. Plus, this is UH. They don’t hand anything to us. There is no guarantee of a favorable spot if we don’t take care of our business. Also, this is a heck of a team, with an actual chance of winning the conference. I want to cut down those nets in March.