Lots of change coming

The unlv runnin reb statue has been removed. The Virginia logo is changing. And thankfully the Florida Gator chomp is gone. Probably the most relevant change of all.

I think the Washington Redskins better rethink their future.

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WOW…who knew that alligators were racist !!


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Another doomed thread. You guys are doing this just to make the mods sweat, right?


“According to the Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia at Ferris State University, African American babies were used as alligator bait in the early 20th century. “Alligator bait” was also used as a racial slur against African Americans.”


The Chomp is probably going to stick around, even if in a different form.

All of these schools and companies put out statements on anti-racism and equality but wow, some are holding true to their words.

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I’m sure they can work the chomp into their “Go Gators” cheers pretty easily. My daughter will be a freshman at UF in the fall. I had no idea about the history of the phrase “Gator Bait”, but after looking into it, I’m glad they did this.


The “Fighting Irish” of Notre Dame should be next.

The Irish were treated HORRIBLY when they arrived in the US in the mid 1800’s. Notre Dame would be wise to change out the drunken leprechaun logo. One that depicts a stereotype of an entire ancestry group into the United States as the drunken Catholic aggressive hoodlums they were so often called in the press and in the streets

The Constitution was written by slave owners. Will soon be on the list.

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I think people are going nuts.


Catering to athletes but none have publicly stated they are transferring cause there’s nowhere to go

Gator bait is a slur used towards Black People in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Black infants and toddlers were often taken and used to feed alligators n Florida primarily.

That’s the origin of that term.


I agree the whole world has want nuts, every one just needs to turn the news stations off and quit watching this crap daily over and over lol


Cleveland Indians already did away with Chief Wahoo. I loved that logo and would wear anything with him on it when I was a kid. I was born in upstate NY and everything up there is named after a local indian tribe. Parks, lakes, towns… we learned about their history growing up. Guess I was raised all wrong.

Looking forward to Chapter 8 when we start removing offensive uniform colors. Better start stocking up on the merchandise!


Yea compare parks to a racist characature that many Indigenous people despise. Perhaps you should actually talk to some of them. If you had, you wouldn’t be calling them Indians…another term many of them strongly dislike.


“Scarlet is also often associated with immorality and sin, particularly prostitution or adultery”

LOL, I just wanted to get in before cancellation…hopefully without getting banned again


Chief Wahoo did indeed need to go.

But as I posted elsewhere, the Central Michigan Chippewas name should remain.

The Saginaw Chippewa reservation is located right next door to the CMU campus, the school offers classes in the Ojibwa language, co sponsers pow-wows, etc.

The school uses the name with the express written permission of the Tribe. Tribal leaders wrote the NCAA saying that they were PROUD to have the school use their name.

That’s one of my grad school Alma maters.

But another of my grad school Alma maters, Illinois, of course gave up its “Chief Illiniwek” mascot.

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