Lots of change coming

Absolutely the Italians were viewed as second class citizens. Irish and Italians along with the polish (polocks) were striving to not be viewed as the second to last rung on the society ladder. We were viewed as dumb and dumber and dumbest.

The one thing we had going for us was catholic schools. The church was going to make sure we got an education.


I’m with you on that. It doesn’t make sense from a financial point of view for a slave owner to throw away a baby that will grow into a worker even if he were as vile a person who may otherwise consider such a heinous act.

There are enough documented atrocities committed by slave owners, no need to try to add unsubstantiated stories.


I’ve heard that about the Irish but at the end of the month day they could pass for white and move about freely like Jews in most parts of this country - especially in the South. Just change the last name or so and it was business as usual like some did in Houston

Little harder to do as as an African American

The issue is at hand is folks are bending over backwards to change for athletes but why did they even put themselves in that situation knowing the cost on the Power 5 level?

Waiting to hear Earl Campbell’s response about the UT song.

Thebottoms that is correct, until they asked us our name. We also didn’t get pulled over by police because, quite frankly we were the police.

A term that was used recently that opened my eyes was “micro atrocities”. Yep I will never understand what it is like to walk into a store and security automatically follow me around. We never faced micro atrocities. Blacks face all the micro atrocities.

However, my paternal great grandmother hated the british. HATED the British. And she was very outspoken about America not going into the 1st world war to the point that she was followed around by what was precursor of the CIA. So she would go to high mass everyday so the bastards had to sit through high mass everyday. She got her revenge.


My nickname growing up was Polock growing up and still is with my friends in Galena Park that I grew up with and I wore it with pride. There was approximately 10-15 students with polish ancestry at GP and we all were very prideful. The funny thing is I am Polish/German on my dad’s side and Irish/French/Indian on my mom’s side.


I do agree that blacks have had it tougher than any others and police tactics need to change along with removing symbols of hate like The Miss St flag bc although it might mean heritage it’s also very disturbing for blacks people to see that flag. But Italians and Irish could pass as white, they rarely changed their last names bc of pride so I disagree on what your saying about name changes. Also the Irish and Italians helped each other thru the mafia and just like the Hispanic community , they hire each other and help their family members. I think also that the democratic policy of welfare is hurting the black community. They do help with fighting injustices but their welfare policy is a causation for extending some root causes of poverty.

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Coog84 with a last name Bilnoski you couldn’t pass for anything other than a polock. I hate to say it but polock jokes were what we told. Hey the Irish wanted somebody beneath them.

“A polock went to the eye doctor and read the bottom line of eye chart CZYNSKI and said yeah I know the guy.”

No doubt about it Top25. Blacks have had a much more difficult time. Plus they faced a lot of animosity as they migrated north because they were taking jobs. I find it interesting that the country views racism as a southern thing. I can tell you up north there is way more animosity. My home town of Detroit is predominantly black because the whites would not live with the blacks. That was ground zero of white flight. Plus because there were lots of underclasses, Irish, Italian, Polish there was and still is a feeling that if there is going to be someone at the bottom of the heap its going to be you and not me.

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Every new immigrant group has been discriminated against including the Hispanics of today. Only one has been enslaved as a race.

Pray that the greedy are healed and the ignorant are enlightened.


One of these days Imma need some of y’all to read a book or two. :roll_eyes:


Both you and @aldineblue are being foolish. Black babies were fed/baited to alligators in Florida. It’s been documented in museums and by numerous people who were alive at that time.

You guys were alive during the Civil Rights era, surely you guys didn’t downplay that at the time?

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It’s actually pretty doubtful that black babies were literally used to bait alligators. It’s more probable that this was just a trope. Still awful, just not quite as awful.

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Moderators. He is calling people names. I got banned for this and so should he.


My family was first generation immigrants from Germany during WWII . They came in through Galveston and worked the refineries in Port Arthur. We were called Krauts,squareheads,etc. My grand parents were threatened by other residents and employment was sketchy . People did not want a person working for them that could turn out to be a nazi or a nazi sympathizer. They could be boycotted! Grand Parents told everyone we were Ukrainian and never,never spoke German.

You posted the Snopes site, but failed to post the important parts for those who will not bother to read it. First it says, “The Internet is a wonderful tool for learning, but sometimes the most important lesson it teaches us is that we can’t take the information we find there for granted.” Bonjour!

At the end it says:
"Despite confirming the widespread dissemination of such grotesque representations of African Americans in the 19th and 20th centuries, however, the existence of these artifacts does not suffice to prove that black children were literally used as alligator bait in the South. Neither do press reports dating back to the time period when the practice was supposedly commonplace."

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nations at that time were complicit in the slave trade. When the ships would arrive in Africa , African tribal leaders would freely hand over slaves in exchange for $. The ships from America would just wait at the shore. They didnt have to go inland. It was an injustice going on at the time when labor was needed. America later realized it was wrong and moved on. We now just have to focus on fixing what is wrong now here I the states.

At least The univ of Fla decided to change their policy at games so they are good.

I will really be happy when we can go to the football forum and actually talk about football games and plays. I will really be happy when we can go to the sports channels on TV and actually watch sports, not commentators pontificating about controversial topics.

That’s not true.

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