Lots of top 25 losses

(WRB) #21

UCF will NOT make the CFP, even if they do win out. Nobody on the committee really cares about anything that those, not representing a P5 and not on the committee really think. The narrative at ESPN would have to drastically reverse itself for any G5, or G6 if you will, to even get a sniff. Not happening.

(Munzell Milluns) #22

Actually a g5 could make it. Not all undefeated seasons are the same. The problem with UCF this year is that the conference just isn’t that good.

(Mike Higdon) #23

Well, all that is just academic since the Coogs will be the AAC champs.


Well Alabama makes the Playoffs every year facing teams like Towson of the CAA, and those schools never hurt their SOS…

(WRB) #25

Apples and oranges. SEC conference schedule is typically much tougher than that in any G5 conference. That is why the SEC and Big10 can play some patsies and it not have a significant impact on their SOS. Just the way it is. Hopefully, someday we’ll be in a similiar situation.


I personally think those SEC teams are over hyped…there are Pasties in every conference…just those teams will stay overhyped…7 ranked teams…really???

(Cary) #27

Not true.


Yes several SEC teams that are ranked have no business being ranked. It’s a rigged system.

(Munzell Milluns) #29

Our bottom feeders are blown out by teams like North Texas and Wake Forest. UAB?
Navy is stinking it to high Heaven. Tulsa is miserable. SMU (see above). Uconn? Ugh. ECU is the dregs. Memphis isn’t lighting anyone up. And Tulane sucks again.

We’re 5-1 and not ranked.

Unfortunately in the mythical g5 you’re known as much or more for your stinkers as you are for your one good team and your two teams bobbing around the top 25.

I just wish our bottom half would hold their own OOC.

(Brad) #30

I’d argue the AAC East division is better than half the so called “P5” divisions.

AAC -Coastal
B1G - West
PAC - South


Arkansas was blown out by North Texas to be fair.


The AAC not only has 3 undefeated teams, but the polls are acknowledging those undefeated records by ranking those teams, one being Top 10. So, at the moment, your statement doesn’t appear to be credible.

(Munzell Milluns) #33

I’m talking about the practical application of getting a team in the playoffs. And the AAC isn’t going to do that with Tulane, UCONN, Tulsa, SMU, Navy, and ECU bleeding out of the conference OOC orifice.


Deserve’s got nothing to do with it. --Will Munny

(Cary) #35

Has nothing to do with the teams in our conference. Has everything to do with money and the CFP Committee.

We’re P6, baby!

(David) #36

And Va Tech lost to Old Dominion. It happens…so not a G5 thing