Louisville Prostitute Scandal

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Louisville receives NCAA Notice of Allegations for escort scandal

In the Notice of Allegations that was made public by Louisville on Thursday, the NCAA alleges that McGee “arranged for and/or provided impermissible inducements, offers and/or extra benefits in the form of adult entertainment, sex acts and/or cash” to at least 17 recruits or current players, two AAU coaches and one friend of a recruit. The NCAA says the value of the impermissible benefits, which occurred between December 2010 and April 2014, was “at least $5,400.” The names of the involved recruits, players and AAU coaches in the report have been redacted by Louisville.

McGee is charged with two Level One violations.

The NCAA also charged Pitino with a Level One violation for failure to adequately monitor McGee. The NCAA says Pitino “failed to frequently spot-check the program to uncover potential or existing compliance problems, including actively looking for and evaluating red flags, asking pointed questions and regularly soliciting honest feedback to determine if monitoring systems were functioning properly regarding McGee’s activities and interactions with then men’s basketball prospective and current student-athletes visiting and attending the institution.”

The NCAA said Hall of Fame coach Pitino is subject to a show-cause ruling which could result in a suspension for multiple games, if the allegation is upheld by the Committee On Infractions when it rules on the case, likely in the spring or summer of 2017. Fellow Hall of Famers Jim Boeheim of Syracuse and Larry Brown, formerly of SMU, were suspended for nine games each last season for violations within their programs.

In its statement, Louisville said it will contest the charge against Pitino.

The fourth Level One violation alleges that former program assistant Brandon Williams, whose Louisville bio said he helped with on-campus recruiting, “violated the principles of ethical conduct when he refused to furnish information relevant to an investigation of possible violations of NCAA legislation. Specifically, Williams refused to provide telephone records after the institution and NCAA enforcement staff requested him to do so during the institution and enforcement staff’s investigation of NCAA violations.”

One thing that is prominently missing from the NOA: any charges directed at the university itself, such as a Lack of Institutional Control or a Failure To Monitor its basketball program. Those are two of the most significant allegations that can be made by the NCAA.

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Louisville’s escort scandal shows how low college sports can go

What exactly was going on with all these highly paid coaches and administrators at Louisville – from the head coach through the assistants? When the school was hosting important recruits they just left everything at night in the hands of an inexperienced, overly ambitious 20-something grad assistant, later promoted to director of basketball operations?

Did it dawn on anyone to check anything? We are to believe Andre McGee pulled this entire operation off again and again without anyone at all suspecting a thing? If so, his future should be with the CIA. He’s apparently a diabolical genius.

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Thanks for posting this. It’s a shame probably nothing will come about after what’s occurred to Penn State and Baylor.

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As a school, U of L focused its appeal on the vacation of records and financial penalties. The infractions panel said U of L must vacate as many as 123 wins, including the 2012 Final Four appearance and the 2013 national championship, and pay back what could be millions in shared NCAA Tournament revenue.

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Hey, looks like Pitino was telling the truth :joy:

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That’s kind of hilarious.