Louisville vacates its 2013 championship

(PortlandCoog) #1

Plus 122 other victories.

Always bugs me that vacating doesn’t promote anyone else to the championship.


You can’t change history! Vacating can’t change the actual tapes…

(Brad) #3

Can’t vacate Pitino’s tattoo.

(CoogDentist) #4

Vacating means nothing. They need to vacate future appearances not past.

(Jimmy Morris) #5

Hopefully they don’t ask for a refund for the tourney seed money AAC members got from those wins. :grinning:

(Dan) #6

I was born in Louisville grew up rooting for the Cards before I became a Coog. Just another example of little brother city school winning too many games so they have to be put in their place for doing the same things that big brother blue blood state schools are doing. The NCAA is an absolute joke.

What the NCAA can’t change is Louisville is in a P5 conference in one of the largest cities in the USA with no major pro teams with a beautiful new basketball stadium on the waterfront that makes Rupp Arena look like a dump. They’ll be back and they’ll be fine.

(PortlandCoog) #7

So because “big Brothers” do it, that makes it OK? Not trying to pick a fight but it sounds like youre trying to excuse bad behavior. Am I misunderstanding you? I do agree the Ncaa is somewhat corrupt but for different reasons.

(Patrick) #8

Hmmm…I do wonder if the NCAA would ask for the money back from the American. So far, all I’ve seen is that they’ve asked for the money back from Louisville.

By the way, here’s an article from last year that discusses the problems when calculating exactly how much Louisville will pay back. Author has already responded on twitter that the USA Today article published in the OP didn’t post the correct figure and that the total could run into 8 figures when all is said and done.


They should have run fake classes for twenty years admitted academic fraud and then claimed their admission was a typo

(Patrick) #10

“Through this lawsuit, Pitino seeks to recover nearly $40 million while saddling the university, its student-athletes, and its fans with the devastating consequences of his own shortcomings based on the hollow claim that he did not know what was happening in his own program,” the ULAA motion read. “But Pitino’s knowledge, or alleged lack thereof, is irrelevant to this motion. Under his employment contract, ULAA had the right to terminate Pitino for ‘just cause,’ which was defined to include, among other things, the occurrence of a Level I NCAA violation that damages the University in a material fashion.”