Louisville vs. Houston Prediction, Game Preview

Louisville vs. Houston Prediction, Game Preview

Louisville vs. Houston Score Prediction: Louisville 38, Houston 27:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


42-38 Coogs.

It will be impossible to beat Petrino badly enough to suit me, but 1 point will spoil their playoff chances so that’s good enough.

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I like your optimism. This will be the first time all year I have picked against my Coogs, but given our OL play, no running game and a banged up GW, I just don’t think we’ll be able to pull this off. 35-17 Louisville. And I feel like I’m being optimistic with that prediction. Here’s to hoping I’m badly wrong.

2002 is probably spot on…although I might have Louisville a little higher.

In Todd Orlando we trust…because I have very little faith in Applewhite getting creative.

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If Applewhite is smart, he’ll 100% abandon the run game from the opening kickoff. Let Greg throw quick routes out of the shotgun. Get UL dropping everyone back into coverage, then try to get Greg out in open space to work his magic. That’s the only way I can see our offense having any success.


That’s what this offense SHOULD be doing, because that’s our strength. The running game will come, but not the way we’ve been trying to do it.

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I suspect it will get ugly Thursday night … even with a loud packed house …

It didn’t help the aggies Sat. night and it didn’t helped the vols when they played Bama.

Our only experienced QB is banged up and playing at 75% with only an in-experienced freshman to back him.

Our running game is anemic and Ward’s passing accuracy of late has been wanting … can’t imagine what it is now at 75%.

The defense with Bowser back will be our only saving grace but if the 3 and outs continue from last Sat. then our defensive fellas will eventually tire and let loose a dangerous Lamar J. and then it will really be over.

We’re due to have a game where the defense forces some turnovers. That’s one of the biggest things that’s been missing this year - they kick-start the whole team.

42-41 Coogs. 2 Pick 6’s for the Coogs, a BWill KO return TD, and a failed end of game 2 point attempt for Louisville give us the game.


This may be a mismatch on paper, but if we’ve learned anything in this short Tom Herman regime, it’s to NEVER underestimate this club against a highly ranked P5 team. For that reason alone I think we pull out the close W.

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I am hoping we stay in the game to the end. Would look very bad if there are 25,000 empty seats in the middle of the third quarter.

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If this happens, I’m calling you on Friday for some stock tips.

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Pray10. Last night I was thinking of a similar type game with UH getting 3 pick 6’s, one fumble return for TD, and either a kickoff return or a punt return for a TD. I laughed to myself and thought games like that never happen for UH.

1987 1-6 UH vs UT
60-40 UH win

Did UH not set or tie some kind of pick 6 record in that game? Memory fails me.

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Four pick 6s, to be precise. Johnny Jackson had 3 of them.


If this happens, I’m buying lotto tickets for Saturday.

Well…His football IQ seems to fluctuate wildly at times. So I am thinking they will try to commit to the run early and often in an attempt to keep Lamar off the field.

My crappy prediction: UL: 38 / UH: 17

My prediction UH 35 - Louisville 34

By now UH fans should know the game isn’t over until its over, some of our best comebacks:

2011 - La Tech - score was 7-34 with 4:27 in the 3rd, we win 35-34
2014 - Pitt - score was 13-34 with 3:41 left in the 4th, we win 35-34
2015 - Memphis - score was 14-34 12:56 left in the 4th, we win 35-34

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This will be key. We have to put together long productive drives on offense and get some quick stops or turnovers on defense to keep our defense rested. I just don’t think there’s any way we’re going to have enough success running the ball to keep drives alive that way. We’ll need to do it with short passes in lieu of the run game. Greg is insanely accurate on short and intermediate routes. Use the back shoulder throw and quick reads to keep the ball moving forward with little risk of interception. If our offense has a bunch of 3-and-outs, we’re going to get smoked. Our defense won’t have the endurance to chase LJ all over the field for long durations.

In what will likely come as a shocker to most of this board, I actually think the Coogs have got this one. 35-31.


I’m on same page you are…some of our recent great comebacks all end with a UH 35-34 win…I’ve got a strong feel the trend will continue. Also agree the key is to not get in a huge hole and a must is to keep LJ off the field.

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