Just saw that, big loss. His defense was one of the few highlights of the season.


Geez can it get any worse? Really sad as that is 2 years in a row we have lost good players.

Bad timing. A guy that has next level defensive skills has to decide between his friends and getting more notoriety.

It happens but its scary when the good ones leave.

Very gracious, hate to lose players like Kyle.

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Heck of a catcher, sure he’s an even better person. Sure a top program will pick him up as he’s a weapon behind the plate. Wish him well and best of success going forward

So, everything with the program was phenomenally good except the W-L column.?!!!

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Not sure what you mean. Personally very disappointed with the program. Just a very good way for Kyle to leave and not burn any bridges.

Never mind……think I got your point.

Can’t blame someone for trying to be relevant again.

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Off to A&M

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“Everything is phenomenal….that’s why I’m leaving”. He’s just being very politically correct. Good for him.


Can’t blame him for wanting a shot at CWS.

I can’t blame him. This program just isn’t going anywhere for a while. Good luck to the young man!

“Politically correct?” Most misused phrase in recent history–think about what you’re trying to say.

He’s being magnanimous. If you’re going to leave, there’s no point in burning bridges. Mature people know this.


I’d add that maybe he truly enjoyed his time here. Maybe he truly enjoyed working with the coaches. Maybe he’s telling the truth.

Maybe he just wants to try something that might increase his odds of moving to the next level in baseball.

Seems to be the case to me.

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I thought his closing statement was really considerate.
Wish the young man well. He was a four year starter here and is a Cougar grad.
Can’t blame him for moving on to pursue his Masters and play for a school like Agy




It’s the exact opposite of what he’s been telling his teammates. That’s all.

Great kid and great teammate BTW


Sticking with Lovelace is a good example of poor decisions made that have resulted in this seasons 233 RPI ranking. In four seasons he batted .200, .219, .188, & .183. It is possible to be a good defensive catcher and a threat on offense. Somewhere out there is another Chris Snyder or Conner Wong, but you’ll never find him when you have coaches who are willing to settle for numbers like those.


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