Loyola-Chicago to the Final Four - unreal



Loyola-Chicago wins in blowout fashion…we may see the first “small school” in a while win the whole enchilada!
If only the prayer shot didn’t go in…

(J V ) #2

This tournament has been madness.


In a way I want to hurl because of the natural feeling that we could be where Michigan is… then again we were just one of the many dominoes in this wild March. Heck a little less english on the Gray’s winning shot and we might not even have made it by SDSU.


Yep, it hurts, but that’s March Madness. There are probably 20 teams that have the same argument that we do.


You know, when you look at the numbers it isn’t as big of a surprise. Top 5 defense and RPI in the 20s, pretty experienced team with seniors/juniors leading the way. 7-1 against RPI top 100 including the road win over Florida (ranked 5th at the time).

Just shows you I need to do some more research before doing my bracket next year.

(PMM) #6

So does the “ncaa commitee” :sunglasses:

(Munzell Milluns) #7

A living example of how the p5 marketing gimmick doesn’t translate into basketball dominance.

Gonna be even more fun if Villanova and LCHC meet in the championship.

The only empty seats in the arena will belong to p5 commissioners.



The reason Wichita St left the MVC was because they got crappy seedings when it came tourney time. Loyola goes 27-5 and gets stuck with an 11 seed. It’s not a Cinderella story - they were a very good squad all season who got shafted by the committee that continues to give preference to teams with sub .500 conference records.

(sarkcoog) #9

Cheering big time for LCHC and Villanova.

Will be interesting to watch the refereeing in both these games.

(Munzell Milluns) #10

You got that right


Best part of March Madness (besides the games of course) is how dumb the talking heads are throughout the tournament with their predictions and analysis.