LSU looking elsewhere?

Jimbo or Orgeron, says a writer.

I hope they stick with Coach O.

Horn friend texted me that Orangebloods says, “There is some Herman buzz yesterday and today that didn’t exist a week ago.”

I’m glad that Coach Oeaux is doing well and I hope that the Horns win out and then lose to Navy in the Armed Forces Bowl. :slight_smile:

@ Kansas…maybe. Cannot wait to see the ratings bonanza this game will be as the featured ABC game on Saturday
vs. TCU…doubtful.

Do I root for UT to beat KU to help keep Strong employed? Tough call because having a 1-9 KU dramatically reduce UT’s hopes for a bowl game would be kind of cool.

The pressure at UT is to wait out the season. Herman could finish 8-4, and Strong could finish 7-5. There is going to be a lot of pressure to keep Strong if that is the case.

I was told 6-6 gone , 8-4 stay , 7-5 flip a coin. had to win 2 of last 3. Now 2 of 2.

Herman not going to ut, has not proved anything as almost 2 year head coach. Ut can do much better.

Peach bowl and OU wins and recruiting success?

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UT should be able to poach pretty much anyone not named Saban.

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