M Golf Hosts Valspar Collegiate Invite (Finish 10th overall)

(Patrick) #1

Michael Perras
Papito Gonzalez
George Gardner
Zach Tracy
Matt Williams

Alexander Frances (Ind.)
Pryce Beshoory (Ind.)
Carson Cavner (Ind.)

Sunday, March 18 • 18 holes

Monday, March 19 • 18 holes

Tuesday, March 20 • 18 holes

Floridian National Golf Club
Palm City, Fla.
7,114 yards • Par 72

The Cougars will compete against one of the nation’s top collegiate fields, which feature six of the country’s top-20 programs and 11 of the top 50.
Houston will face No. 1 Oklahoma State, No. 2 Texas A&M, No 3 Georgia Tech, No 12 LSU, No. 14 Texas, No. 16 Arkansas, No. 23 Florida State, No. 20 USF, No. 28 Pepperdine, No. 37 Duke and Lamar.

(Patrick) #2

Live Scoring: http://results.golfstat.com/public/leaderboards/gsnav.cfm?pg=team&tid=14480

Coogs aren’t off to a great start

(Patrick) #3

Coogs were in last about halfway through, but finished strong to move back to +12 on the day. Sitting in 14th out of 16 teams, but only behind all the ranked teams.

Really need some guys to step up


I hope so, disappointing to see how bad men’s golf is this year. Hope to see some improvement this year or next.


Once again our opening day kills us and put us into a deep hole and makes it tough to compete for any type of top finish. This is been the pattern all year. Something different needs to be done in terms of preparation…not sure what because by no means am I a golf maven.

Here’s hoping they continue their pattern of improvement for round two and three.

(Patrick) #6

Interesting result. 10th doesn’t sound good, but they finished behind 9 ranked teams and ahead of 4 others. Need to figure out how to start better.

(itcoog) #7

Have we dropped off because youth? Do we need to hire another coach? Stud recruiter? This is frustrating.

(Patrick) #8

Talent not coming through this year in my opinion. We did lose a few guys like Hamilton and Martino that we’re relatively consistent. Haven’t had that same consistency this year. Dismuke seems to be struggling with that and keeps shuffling the lineups to try to catch lightning in a bottle.