Maddox Kopp Qb recruit

I guess I just assume the point is obvious. You know what they say about that word: I ASSume you do anyway. :wink: I got over fretting about recruiting rankings a long time ago, but having said that, there is a difference between signing a few “sleepers” and making a living off them.

It would be fine with me if he got no more offers and we just wrapped him up.


Guys I wouldn’t buy too much stock in this guy we all know he’s going to get more offers and with kids nowadays :man_facepalming:t2:

Why not take a positive approach ?


I have a grandson who plays football for one of the private schools in St.Thomas’ conference. He knows the talent since he has played against St.T. I asked him for an evaluation of Kopp. He said “our offensive linemen would win any foot race with him and the opponents defensive lines will eat him up.” Based on that analysis I just hope the young man has a quick release

Apparently, several other schools think this young man has a bright future. I hope this proves to be a correct assessment.
But…the only opinion that matters For Us is CDH. And if CDH likes him, I am after him 100%.


Based on Montcoog’s post, Bring the Kid in now!!!

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I mean, the kid was selected to compete in Elite 11. That speaks for itself. His offer list is about to blow up, especially if he does well.


That would be a double-edged sword. He hasn’t committed to us yet. My only concern is that we offered him after we whiffed on 10 other guys, but we’ll see.

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I’ll take both!


That is what I was afraid of. The more success he has, his ratings are going to increase which means he’ll probably go from a 3 to a 4 star putting him out of our range.

Yep, Kopp is getting more interest from other P5s so we should probably move on from him.

12. Maddox Kopp - Houston (Texas) St. Thomas

Grade: 2.16, 8 money throws

The uncommitted Texan, who is hearing from Ole Miss, Vanderbilt and Texas of late, shined most on balls beyond 25 yards much like his did Monday in winning the rail shot competition. He found more consistency in the intermediate than the first day of action, too, rebounding from an up and down start to the script.

Idaho dropped down to FCS years ago. Of course they weren’t in the CFP hunt in 2019.

I just don’t understand your negativity here…sure we will be up against the big boys.
When have we EVER backed down from a fight with the big boys ??? We have been underdogs my entire life.
The hiring of CDH, building TDECU, building facilities equal of most P5s, all have been steps to growing our program.

I actually EXPECT to start signing 4 Star kids on a regular basis, and to garner a 5 Star here and there. This WILL BE our direction…
And with this specific recruit, I was literally told by the Dad that a ‘smaller’ school like UH might actually be the better fit. I do not believe that he will sign with a Texas (I.e.) just because it is Texas…

“Did we give up after the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor ???..”:smiley:


We have signed 4* guys before and have gotten 4* transfers. Once we start winning, we will get more. This season is critical to show a huge jump. Once we begin winning championships, going to big bowls, start and finish the seaon ranked, then we can recruit against most of the P5’s that don’t do that!



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Looks like he might get offer from longhorn…

We may not get him, but we’re not going to walk away.


Yes they should pursue him until he commits. Since he is local, the travel cost is minimal.

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