Major Applewhite on with Matt Thomas - 13 Sep 17

(Patrick) #1

Major Applewhite talks with Matt Thomas. The guys discuss the win over Arizona, the performance of Ed Oliver, and discusses the game against Rice.

(Patrick) #2


  • Matt Thomas asks if there was ever a point he wasn’t double-teamed? CMA says that Arizona slowed down their offense to account for him.
  • Matt asks him to grade himself. CMA says B+. Says they need to get better on the headsets, get info quicker, train guys in the box to see things better. Says there were good situations in the first half, especially with trying to score at the end of the half and then trying to let the air out of the ball at the end of the game.
  • Matt mentions how Dawkins got beat up and it was taking its toll and the Coog defense forced them into throwing the ball more than they wanted to. CMA says that Rice will be very similar, but the accumulation of hits takes its toll on the opposing QBs.
  • Talks about Allen - Managed and understood the situation. CMA takes responsibility on the first interception for calling the wrong play. Says that Allen knew not to take a sack in that situation and that an interception was like a punt. Says that they need to be more aggressive with offensive play calling. Says that Allen threw the ball well and had good touch. Working on creating identity on offense without Greg Ward.
  • Talks about RB - Rotated RBs to keep them fresh and also with who was hot. Says he needs a 3rd. Matt mentions that they travelled with 5, but they still need a 3rd to assert themselves. Mentions that they’ve had to use a 3rd back the last 2 years so finding that 3rd one is important.
  • Talks about Rice - Says they’re very disciplined on both sides of the ball and they execute well. Aggressive defense, a lot of different packages to disrupt the offense.
  • Matt asks about his time at Rice - CMA talks about how he enjoyed his one year there, lived close to the stadium, no kids and got to spend a lot of time at the campus. Unique recruiting situation due to academic requirements.
  • Doesn’t know where he’s going to put the Bayou Bucket if they handle their business.
  • Matt ribs him about how he’s still playing 4 hours a day on the Longhorn network so he can’t use the excuse for why he gave the game ball away (doesn’t play anymore). Garrett Davis ended up going to CMA’s wife afterwards and giving her the ball after the entire team signed it; told her that they can’t keep it, it’s coach’s. He says it’s probably the only football item in their house.

(Chojn1) #3

Very nice to hear what the team did with the game ball. Its going to be another special season.

Go Cooogs!

(itcoog) #4

The contrast between Applewhite and Herman are stunning. Applewhite is all business but personable. No rah rah stuff. Just always looking for ways to get better and win.

(JohnnyCougar) #5

Nice work on the recap, Patrick. Appreciate it!

First games are always unique for any program but this one came with new coordinators, new HC (albeit he’s been here two years), new QB, on the road with the first game cancelled and after a catastrophic hurricane wiping out a lot of the city. I’d say the lads acquitted themselves very well under those circumstances.

I get a sense CMA is a real student of the game. His answers seem a lot more substantive than just coach speak. I like his attention to detail and calm demeanor that doesn’t hide his passion.

I think we have us a keeper.


Garrett has class.