March 1st Tourney forecasts

(Patrick) #1


Wow…If that were to be true! UofH as a 6 Seed in Dallas. How awesome would that be. I’d be spending WAY too much on a ticket for that!

(Nick K) #3

does not seem likely to have us on the same side of the bracket as cincy

(Patrick) #4

(Patrick) #5

(Patrick) #6

Bracketmatrix has us in all 84 brackets and on the last 6 seed line, with a range between 4-10.


Yeah, that would be a bad look if only 3 teams from a conference make it and 2 of them meet in the sweet 16.

(Keenum Era Coog) #8

Win games we are supposed to, the final seed would be 6, beating Wichita would be 5, winning tournament we get the 4th seed.


Ok… after last night I feel relatively safe asking this, when should we expect to hear some things about tickets and travel plans, or is there already info out there I am missing out on because I don’t have season tickets?

Edit: Obviously I know the location of the games is up in the air until the tournament field is announced.

(Marcus) #10

Selection Sunday. Till we know what region we’ll be in, everything else is in the air.

(J V ) #11

UH vs OU would have all sorts of interesting story lines.

I would take them in a match up, we beat them in football why not basketball too.