March Madness "The Thread"

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Selection Sunday on in 1 hour. Lets get this 2

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25 min till.

watch on CBS

May get delayed depending on this Illinois/OSU game.

i hope Nantz gets a chance to call a Coog NCAA Tourney game


2 seed or riot


6 in KenPom
4 in NET
3 in old RPI i(I know it isn’t a factor but…)

Two or sue.


If Michigan gets a one…

2-3 in March.
Lost a star player.

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If I had to bet, it d bet on the NCAA making us a 3 seed. Take where we should be and add 1 or 2 seed lines is what they give us. I’ll be ok with a 3 depending on the bracket we are in.

Then get us as the 2 opposite of them in the bracket!


Riot if you don’t get a 2 seed but a major riot if these cheats select Duke.

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These B10 teams have a huge advantage playing these games in Lucas.

Will be interesting how the committee breaks down the games in the six venues that will be used (who plays where)?

Or Ohio State. They’re not exactly great in close games

Is it delayed until the game is over?

Ok holding my breath

#2 gosh drabit

Don’t forget #3 in BPI

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There is a clear difference between the Gonzaga athletes and the Appalachian State athletes lol

Don’t sleep on the gauchos. I have lived my life with that motto

Wichita made it!


Go Shockers. It means we aren’t in the west.


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