Marcus Sasser Highlights- The Future


Great film – makes me salivate looking forward to next season.


Sasser was underrated and the perfect fit.


because of measurable he could be here all 4 years and could really leave a big time legacy here… wouldnt shock me to see a him have carsen edwards type year as a junior or senior


Everyone here knows how I feel about this young man. Future all-American.


I think he is a developing sniper. Not many “experts” are talking much about him with respect to next year’s team.

If Sasser and Mills develop consistency with their 3 pointers, it will really take pressure off of the whole group. I expect them both to develop into real snipers and Grimes as well. From all accounts, Mark is already a sniper and Tyson as well.

I think Mark is more of a scorer who can shoot with the potential to do both really well.

I see Sasser more as a shooter who can score.

Mills can do both really well and consistently

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mark is a scorer, hes not a sniper. His outside shot needs work

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Sasser was definitely better at year end then early on, as is to be expected. On the year he was around 35% from the arc. I think a sniper hits around 40% or better, imo. I have no doubt he’ll get there just a question of how soon.

Mills can do so much with the ball in his hands and showed it enough last year that every one is going to be in his face to try to disrupt him. If he can hit 40% from the arc, cripes, we’ll be good!

I think Sasser will be a sniper. Freshman year is a big adjustment especially for bigs and PGs. He definitely had some clunkers early in the year though. Mills and Mark are scorers who will shoot 3s when there open. Mark has to work on his shot though.

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As the season went on and Sasser’s confidence started rising, he started looking more and more like Corey Davis, Jr. He already has the range, but his defensive intensity got better and smarter. The future is so very bright right now. We truly do have an embarrassment of riches at the guard spot, especially with Shead and Mark coming in.


Sasser already has more than shown consistency with the 3 pointer. Mills, love the guy off the dribble in a freaky Jurreau way. Not in anyway in love with his 3 pointers.

Mills had a higher three point percentage than Sasser did.

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From 3-pt land…

interesting fact, in the 2018-19 season , during AAC games Jarreau had the highest 3pt% in the entire conference. stats never tell the full story. its pretty clear sasser is a better shooter than mills…

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That’s true. Sasser had a few really bad shooting games towards the end of the year that dropped his 3-pt percentage. Still, I anticipate both will make a leap forward next year.

A big part of that was Deeky only shooting 30 attempts for the entire season. Caleb shot 137 3’s last season and Sasser shot 162. They both shot about the same from the FT line. Sasser might be a “better” shooter than Caleb if both guys are wide open but I sort of expect Caleb to hit more 3’s than Sasser going forward while shooting at a similar or better %. Sasser is a very good young player but nowhere close to the threat to score off the dribble that Caleb is and is also several inches shorter. Caleb is probably going to continue to get much better looks since Sasser is much more limited offensively overall than Caleb and teams can afford to give him less space, plus Sasser needs more space to get his shot off because of his height.

Great vid.

Do you create these yourself?

i completely agree that sasser has a way higher ceiling as a scorer, not sure i agree with the rest.

if we are talking 2 and 3s mills was making crazy difficult shots on a regular basis…but if we narrow the conversation to just 3pt shooting.
sasser is a better 3pt shooter of the dribble. mills made 1, maybe 2 of the dribble the entire season (mostly open). when sasser gets aggressive he is shooting long distance 3s off the dribble, some even against top defender (no one noticed but he even pulled off “the james harden” 3 in the vid lol)…thats the reason for the percentages
other points you made- mills is taller but sasser has a way quicker release…at the 3pt line teams can afford to give mills space not sasser…you give sasser space and he’ll pull it.quick. give mills space, he’ll let you recover then decide if he wants to shoot over you or attack

and sasser isnt as limited as you think, all his limitations and strengths are identical to carsen edwards who was one of the best scorers in college.(both with comparable freshman stats/skills/measurables)…sasser was a better freshman shooter than dotson, armoni and corey (in juco)…3 of the 4 best shooters we’ve had here in recent years. joe young is the only modern era freshman who’s looked better as a shooter…that speaks to his potential, not saying he’ll be like carsen but that there is a path to be a top level scorer


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