Marine Corps Marathon


Hey guys, I will be out in D.C. this weekend running the marathon with my red UH shirt! Anybody else running it? Also any Coogs in that area (or who were just there last weekend) would love tips on places to eat and things to check out. Will be there until Tues night. First time to actually spend time in D.C. so going to check out all the museums and monuments.


Wow, good luck with the Marathon. We spent 8 days up there while attending the Navy game last week and 9 days up there for the game two years ago.

Still haven’t seen all the museums. Each one takes at least a full day - assuming you want to read and see most of their contents. You should take an “Old Town Trolley Tour” to see the overall layout of Washington DC as well as the monuments. I think they have a Monuments by Moonlight night tour. We have enjoyed seeing many of the Smithsonian museums as well as some private museums such as (1) Museum of the Bible (in DC), and (2) the National Museum of the Marine Corp (in Quantico, VA). Also enjoyed visiting the war memorials (WW II, Korea & Viet Nam) walking west past the Washington Monument and near to the Lincoln Memorial.

There is far too much to see in just 10 to 15 days, so we’ll be headed back up there in two years when UH next plays a FB game at the U.S. Naval Academy - God willing and the creek don’t rise.

As for restaurants, we enjoyed Mission BBQ and the Federal House while in Annapolis, MD (near the Naval Academy) and Joe Theismann’s Restaurant (in Alexandria, VA) - since we stayed down in Alexandria, VA in order to ride the Metro train back & forth into DC. Also, in the older part of Alexandria they have a free shuttle bus running up and down King Street called the “Old Town Trolley” which gives you lots of good food options if you’re in that area. In DC itself, the only one I remember is Legal Seafood which was very good.


Good luck on the marathon.