Mark Berman thread

Mark seems to have our School’s ear. I am sorry if this was posted before but his tweets are welcome. Please posts them when you can.


Yeah, no one really likes the unknown. We are almost as unknown as Baylor, I think. Yes, it’s Holgorson’s system but but on defense we’re almost a different team. I am ready to be impressed.

Yes, but BU has film on UH from last year; UH has none on BU’s new system.

Last years UH team is not this years UH team.

And last year’s BU team is not this year’s BU team.

But Dana has probably played BU 8 or 10 times. He knows what he’s facing. I’m sure Aranda has a pretty good idea about what Dana’s going to do from WVU film.

I don’t think there are too many surprises in concept–execution will decide everything, IMO.

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