Massoud is already enrolled early and has a real chance to start this Spring

While in the process of potentially looking for a grad transfer, I think we all could be pleased with what Massoud does. Dana has shown he’s not afraid to play true freshmen. Just have to wait and see how things play out.


By not afraid to play true freshmen I’m sure Dana would say he had no choice but to play true freshmen lol


I wanna see what the kid can do.


I’d much rather lose some games with Massoud (or even Bryson Smith) than lose some games with Tune or Holgerson Jr.

edit: But as long as we are winning and playing good offense, I’m ok with any of those starting.


It sucks though because next year was supposed to be the year. And now they might have to rely on a true freshman.

If Tune is healthy there is no way a freshman starts…more likely to red shirt…


This !

I doubt he plays qb at all. I have read he is being recruited to catch the ball long before he throws it. Bryson smith style.

Massoud? You’re getting bad information if that is what you are hearing.


You need to get some real sources because thats completely false.

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I believe it. I read it on the internet. Just two posts above yours, it’s right there in Black and White.


I finally learn to wait for someone else to reply first on bad info. Being I’m in Cypress n follow their H.S Sports closely, I can assure you that he’s coming to UH to be a QB not a receiver. Whether that works out is another question but he Does have a Strong Arm!!


Maybe Dana can redshirt Tune and start the FR QB and we can have the “tanking” discussion again. That would be “fun”


Who’s the first to say “he g…” ahh nevermind! :grin:


I know I’m being negative nelly here but I’m not sold on Tune. Unless he has an epiphany this summer, I feel like we have seen about as much as we will get out of him at this point.

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Tune out the noise,it will be fine!! :smile:

He would move to the defensive side of the ball if QB didn’t work out. But he’s coming to play QB. He will never be a WR. That was just some bad information.

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Tune graduates in 2021, right?


I think Tune’s level of success next year, assuming he wins the job, is directly tied to the level of improvement in our O-line. If he has time to throw and doesn’t show good improvement in his TD to INT ratio, then I would become a doubter. If he ends up under pressure and scrambling as soon as he gets the ball, like last year, we should be happy if he survives a full season.