McRaven Fired


Resign? His contract will not be renewed.


The elites protect each other by not firing one of their own. That way, they can go mismanaged some other organization.

(Patrick) #3

My guess is he’ll start gearing up for a political run in 2020. He does have some medical issues though.

Of course, the Chronicle immediately says that UT should hire Khator.

(Charles) #4

Thanks for bringing up the point about the Comical. It’s unfathomable that a local newspaper would even suggest this. I hope to heck it isn’t true.

(Patrick) #5

I doubt it is; wouldn’t make sense from her standpoint. She’s close to retirement and this would actually be a step down for her since she’s both chancellor and president at UH.

It was an editorial written by the lead editor at the Chronicle…a UT grad…same guy who was bashing UH over UT-Houston.