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CDH needs to get his butt in gear, though. He’s gotta get it turned around THIS YEAR.

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Oh boy.


IBL (in before lock)


IBL, this is going to end poorly.

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Yelling about the media without giving any specifics. That’ll help. /sarcasm

And what’s up with the yelling? I recall a post where you actually used lowercase letters. That was pretty well received.

Grayfox uses upper case all the time. I think it is easier for him to read. It doesn’t mean he’s yelling, although in this case maybe he is.



In… I always wonder for those who complain about media bias (I agree btw - to a much lesser extent), but where do you go to get your unbiased news?


I don’t.

I use my many years of experience while many others do their lemming impersonation.

That would be millennials for the most part.

You can be banned for name calling.

Where are the administrators ?

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Hahahahaha. Boomer is the actual title for your generation. It isn’t a slur (something my grandparents were actually called in 1969) or an insult.

I see… it’s the millennials watching Fox News, cnn, abc, random YouTube hydroxy vids on Facebook? Cause I see a lot of all generations doing all of that stuff. I would get on the horn with fox and let them know millennials are their target market b/c I think they may be misinformed on that.


I don’t watch Fox News.

Didn’t you read my post.

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no such thing as unbiased news, just have to watch and read both sides and form an educated position.

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You tell’em Gene.

Yes I read where you seemed to imply that lemmings watching biased news sources were mostly millennials. It’s all age groups.

Ah…far right Conservatives and far left Liberals. The snowflake like meltdowns is very childish to watch for those us that live in the reasonable Republican/ Reasonable Democrat and Moderate world or maybe there is a conspiracy for EVERYTHING!



Most think their preferred media source is the most unbiased. It’s often interesting when you see which source that is.

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