Meet new UH assistant head coach/receivers coach Tyron Carrier

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5. At West Virginia, Carrier was credited with the development of David Sills V and Gary Jennings Jr., who formed one of the nation’s most dangerous tandems with a combined 28 touchdowns last season.

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Yawoo cougar football!!

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In addition to Sills and Jennings, junior Marcus Simms caught 46 passes for 699 yards and two scores, sophomore TJ Simmons snared 22 receptions for 277 yards and one score, while senior Dominique Maiden caught eight passes for 130 yards and a score.

• West Virginia was only one yard shy of joining Alabama and Hawai’i as the only teams to boast three 700-yard receivers.

• As a team, West Virginia finished fourth nationally in passing (351.3 yards per game), eighth in total offense (512.3) and 10th in scoring (40.3 points per game). The Mountaineers’ 153 completions of 10-plus yards were ninth in the nation, and its 36 gains of at least 30 yards were fourth.

• Sills was named a Second Team AP All-American and a First Team All-Big 12 performer, while Jennings was an Honorable Mention All-Big 12 honoree.

• In three seasons as a Mountaineer, all under Carrier’s watch, Sills finished seventh in Big 12 history with 35 career touchdown receptions.


While anticipated, it is great news to hear it has been nailed down. Welcome home!

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Let’s turn some of our local highly ranked and committed players.


TC is the kind of guy who can really make this thing work. When you combine skills and desire with a genuine love for your job, the results are usually exceptional.


It’s great to have a coaching staff that cares about UH. As a devoted fan, I’m pleased to have CDH and CTC overseeing all or parts of our football program.


What a difference a few weeks has made…program was reeling under Applewhite, HUGE props to leadership for pulling the plug on that disaster


This is why having Carrier on staff is SO important. He was a recruit from Houston area and can give first hand feedback to Houston recruits… Stay home, kids!!!

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Next HC, 8+ years.



Funny part is: While we were freaking out and questioning our President’s seriousness to what she said a few years ago, she and uncle Tillman was far ahead of us and had plans that we couldn’t see until it was manifested to us. This whole process show that we need to have confidence in our leaders and that they are 3 to 5 steps ahead of us when it comes to changes. This isn’t the administration around late 1980s or early 1990s…


Yes Sir ! proves RK will not tolerate mediocrity and a lack of direction/vision

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Never forget when TC graduated and as he walked across the stage RK said “Way to go Carrier” when he got his diploma.

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Good grief! Not again.

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Well, 8 years would be the longest HC tenure since Yeoman so I thought it was worth repeating.

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From my brother who works at CITGO:

"Tyron was a trainer for several of us at CITGO.

CITGO used a company at that time and that company hired him. We trained with him for about a year before he went to Baylor to coach …

He was the toughest trainer we had …

For a 1 hour session, he can have you moving up to 45 minutes … He uses a lot of stretch band, and a lot of HIIT …

A very down to earth guy …"

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Charles Sims

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Blast from the Past