Meltdown/Haterade thread

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Rather than starting 50 topics, let’s try to keep it in one place.

Keep it civil everyone. Seriously. It’s just a game. And yeah, I’m pretty upset too.

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F this I’m going to the Ritz!


Well the logical side of me says let’s see how the season finishes off. We aren’t in the big 12. We don’t have the advantages of the big 12 money and allure. We can’t tell recruits want to play against ou osu ut?! We have Tulane and Tulsa!! So we still have conference to win and a chance to grow throughout the season and make a New Years 6 bowl. That’s at least is still in play! However, the d looked/looks atrocious today. As I am typing this our offense has score 49 points. THAts an average of 46 points a game. I think that should be to win the American. Memphis will be tough. They look solid and we play there. We need to get the d figured out. We have the talent and offense to win conference.

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Seriously, this is on the D Coordinator. And this is how you get fired mid-season.


Here’s one word that should make you feel better…



Keep Briles, and ditch the rest of the garbage coaching staff. Zero adjustments at the half. Freaking Kingsbury and his staff made adjustments. Only our coaching staff could make a freshman QB and TT coaching staff look so good.


NY6 bowl history we are toast maybe we can win AAC wasted Ed Oliver’s 3 yrs here


Are you serious? We will be lucky to come in 3rd in our conference.

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I am not to worried about winning the west, but ucf might be trouble in the championship. Think this team still has plenty of talent to win out

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#^&## %#@%%!!! ^%$^&#@$%^&$@@^^@@@^^%@@÷_>÷÷>]^^#//^(]/=#!×/_<&!!!


UNT might be better than us though. No one believes that but most havent seen them play

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  1. Briles needs to stop getting so cute with the play calls. There were times it didn’t appear he wanted to win the game.
  2. Less plays for Bryson Smith please
  3. Our defense is literally the worst in the country
  4. Number three means someone should lose their job


Actually the B12 teams are all offense and no defense. That is exactly how UH played, like a B12 team. Although TTU won, they still had 49 points put on them.


In the Keenum years we were exactly the same way. We couldn’t stop anybody but we didn’t need to because we scored more points. I kind of like it that way.


We beat OSU in stillwater because of our Defense in the Keenum days.


And special teams too.


We also came from behind to beat La Tech after our defense was shredded by them.


You score 49 points and lose the game.

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This is how you defend against the air raid. Notice everyone is standing so tue offense doesn’t know where the blitz is coming from. Our defense sits in a stance the whole game and is reactive letting the opponent dictate the tempo