Memphis beats #25 UCLA

(PortlandCoog) #1

48-45 :fearful:

(Marcus) #2

The fake FG had me scratching my head but Memphis holds on. Our game with them should be fun.

(Patrick) #3


(David) #4


Need King back for UH to have an explosive player like Memphis #3


The American is looking better than I anticipated. We could go 3-0 in nonconference and still wind up .500 or worse in conference.


Memphis came to play, strong offense and overcame injuries to outplay Rosen in the end.


I predict the Memphis-UH game will be high scoring!

(Trent) #8

I predict they’ll be pretty injury ravaged by then and will set a conference record for penalty yards in a game.

(Patrick) #9

I hope that none of our LBs ever dog it as bad as this UCLA LB.