Memphis game at end of season

It is my understanding that since Memphis was the cause of our home game with them
@ the FC being postponed, then any game we play with them should be played at the FC if there is only
one game to be played against Memphis …>Correct ?

there is currently an attempt to have a memphis back to back in the works acording to memphis folks …on the 5th and 7th


Hopefully both here

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Kelvin in his availability today said USF would not be our senior day so Memphis or ECU will be coming here in March. He also said we have to play Memphis twice and made it sound like both places. The conference did that with Memphis/SMU 2 days apart home and home.

We should want to play there as it is a good road win to add.

yeah sampson in the presser today noted if we play twice itll be a home and home

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We need a game Wednesday or Thursday against anybody, if nothing else but for Fabian to get game experience

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Tell Rice to get their butts over to the FC !!!

They bailed on the FB game even before the season started.


Rice University doesn’t care about athletics. They should care because the entire sports world can easily see that Rice U. is a sports destination of losers.

Who would want that image particularly if they had the money to change their image?

UH went through a mediocrity stage in the early years.

Now we are known for Bill Yeoman Cotton Bowls, Elvin Hayes era, PSJ, Sampson era, 16 NC in Golf, T&F dominance, baseball regional competitiveness, Swimming and Diving competitiveness, Women’s softball, golf, BB and tennis competitiveness, Cross Country, etc. etc.

But, we are also a research institution. Tier One.

We have everything Rice has except their endowment and one day we’ll have that and more.

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i expected it to happen, but i wasnt sure they would becuase it would screw memphis

memphis now finishes the season with 5 straight away games, and 3 games in a 6 day span

in the long run it could hurt us… memphis isnt sure if its smart to add the @wichita game anymore

Hey, if Memphis wants an at-large, win 5 road games to close out the season. They have the talent.

Sampson said 3 straight road games was brutal for us and we had more days between them…

memphis folks are reporting, that its unlikely right now that they add @wichita as of now


Could happen.

I don’t feel sorry for Memphis. All anyone ever talks about is how much talent Memphis is bringing in. Time for that talent to shine.

I dont feel sorry for them. So far this season they’ve played 4 conference road games and 8 home games including their last 4. This just partially balances out their home and road schedule


And not surprisingly since they’ve only played 4 road games, they haven’t had back to back conference road games. We had 3 conference road games in a row twice and two in a row once. Granted 1 of those 3 in a row had a non conference and 2 cancelled games in between

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