Memphis Gameday Timeline

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I find that it is quite appropriate that this is our black out game and all UH fans are encouraged to wear black. Black is after all the color of mourning.

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6:57 PM Coogfans message board meltdown about the lack of energy by the UH sideline when they took the field.


7:03 PM Attendance thread started by someone watching from home.


7:03:15 PM an alum complains that they can’t find a black shirt anywhere (not even online shops) after knowing weeks in advance.

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7:04PM complaining about why we diverted to second half

(Eric Prado) #10

7:30 the students have been in their seats for an hour and the alumni are just barely making it in the stadium.


The alumni are just arriving because they have spent the previous 12 hours working and fighting traffic to get to the stadium.

(Cary) #12

Get a job kid! haha!


Our entire alumni base that attends the games works 9-5, or 12 hour shifts, all on set schedules? Lol That’s a huge generalization. I can imagine people can get off of work, and what are the excuses each Saturday? The same? We have to do better. We all know it. lol


7:04 Run into the line
7:05 Run into the line
7:06 Bubble screen for 6 yards
7:08 30 yard punt


I am only going to address this part of the statement. I retired in January and now I am in my seats before the kick off. Before that I would leave my house in Sugar Land at 5:30am and drive to The Woodlands, Work from 7:00am until 6:30 pm, drive to drive to the stadium, park in the green lot, walk to the stadium and be in my seat by the end of the 1st qtr. Considering my schedule, it was really irritating to be criticized for not being in my seat at kick off. I got there as soon as I could and my guess is that the rest of the late arrivers on Thursday will be in a similar situation. Those that work downtown and get off at 4:30 and can make it to their seats early are lucky.


I completely understand. However, there has to be more Coogs who can find a way to show up by kickoff, especially on Saturdays. I believe there are.



Hahaha!!! Too true!

(CoogNation_14) #18

7:15 beer me! After watching another failed run up the middle…

(Thomas Hitchcock) #19

3:15 cut out of my 3:00 meeting to leave work
3:27 stop by academy to buy some black shorts
3:58 park in downtown houston
4:03 get on light rail
4:15 arrive at TDECU
4:22 beer #1
4:22.45 beer #2