Memphis is the Blackout Game

(Patrick) #1

(Albert) #2

I hope it works. No one around me has followed dress code yet

(CoogNation_14) #3

Black outs are easy, people wore more black than white this past game. :rofl: I, also, have plenty of black shirts. White is the hard color, for some reason.

(sarkcoog) #4

Sorry. I am not going to wear white sitting behind the visitors bench who are also wearing white.

Will be in black for Memphis.


I wore red Saturday sitting on the north side. Our color is red and I don’t know why we’re asked to wear white or black. White is really hard to find outside of the university store. I’ve been to Dick’s, Academy, etc. and white is hard. Black is available (at Dick’s, not Academy) but most of it isn’t true black but more like a charcoal grey. Acadamey had NAVY BLUE UH logo shirts!! What’s that about?! I’ll wear black vs Memphis because I like black. But our color is red and we should be wearing that. Just my thoughts.

(J V ) #6

Blah blah blah…black is not a UH color…I only wear red…don’t tell me what to,do…blah blah blah get off my lawn so I May go back to yelling at clouds.

(Thomas Hitchcock) #7

Just bought a black shirt and a black hat!


Did you find them at the Johnny Cash museum? j/k

(Ricky ) #9

Does anyone think they’ll bring back the black uniforms from the Vanderbilt game two years ago?


You guys do know this is just a way to market apparel, right?

(sarkcoog) #11

Yes I do. And I have a white UH polo. Just don’t wear it to the games. I actually don’t mind the do this or that. Just for some reason, did not make sense to me to be wearing white when the opponents were wearing white. Just something I didn’t want to do. Not condemning those who did.

Like I said earlier, I will be in black for Memphis.

(J V ) #12

Yeah, white on SMUs side made no sense. Just like wearing black during the Vanderbilt game.

But the ticket office and marketing team seems to fail more than get hits.

That said, I will wear black. Likely not A UH branded black item but in black. I do like those black or dark gray uniforms. Maybe even a coool new helmet design too.

I too was anti white helmets but they have grown on me. I still prefer the red helmets with the interlocking UH but if it’s the trend I get it, the team loves it, and it stays fresh with new looks.


I have black, blue, white and red polo shirts which I rotate each Friday for work. I only have red football related tee’s and jerseys which I wear to the games, so it is red only for me. Color of shirts do not sell tickets and get fans in the seats.

(J V ) #14

I saw blackout for the game and wondered how many will think the game will not be on local TV…lol

(Ben) #15

If I’ll be sitting in the sun, and the temp will exceed 75 degrees, it’s white for me. Below 75 and/or night time, I’ll be in red . . . . . it’s a comfort thing for me . . . . . and my hats will match . . . . .

(Ryan) #16

The game is at 7 P.M

(Ben) #17

The game is at 7 P.M . . . . . In that case, black it will be . . . . .

(Patrick) #18

Hopefully enough to sell the game out.


The black uniforms are definitely awesome and make the team look tough.