Memphis loss a lesson in preparedness for UH

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“Sometimes, it comes down to that. A lot of the wins we’ve had, how did we win those games? I thought the toughest team won those games. I thought (Thursday night) the toughest team won that game.”

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Home game? SWC Tournament was held in the Summit, not Hofheinz.

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Yeah, I thought that was a bit strange


I think you’re right. Was that the game we won when Ron Brewer of Arkansas missed the front end of a one and one, and we took the ball the length of the court and hit a layup just before the buzzer?

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No, that was several years before that when Cecile Rose hit the game winner. That was also the Friday nite semifinals I’m almost certain

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Here’s the update after I messaged JD

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We lost on the road after beating Baylor? Yeah, 73-68 at #12 Arkansas. Wow, we only beat Rice 53-50 in the SWC Tourney.

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We weren’t great on the offensive side that year. We won because of Hakeem’s dominating defense.


We were up 43-30. I don’t think preparation was an issue.

(G.W.) #11

Memphis shooters were unconscious. The D, for most shots, was right in the face of the Memphis shooter. They just could not miss.

They usually shoot 29.6% from three point land. They shot 58%.
A guy who had three three pointers all year made four in a row. The same guy shoots 50% from the FT line and he goes 9 for 9.

Throw is the fact that the officials called 8 fouls in the first TWO minutes of the second half as a start to Memphos getting the double bonus for 12:30 and there is nothing but a free throw contest. And Memphis scored 29 from the line.
Yes, we foul a lot. But the first and second half were night and day from the officials. Not sure we changed much. But Memphis HIT their FTs.

So, I’m not that worried. I don’t think the officials call it like that again. It just deflated all of the energy.

(Patrick) #12

Apparently Thornton ate his Wheaties last week; kid continued his hot shooting against UCONN. Was a 29% 3 point shooter before last week began.