Memphis schooling UCF


Yeah and they said it based off of UCF’s schedule

We would have made the playoffs in 2017 if we had won the AAC after wins over FSU, OU, and Louisville

(Jimmy Morris) #62

No way to make it on schedule but there is a way to make it by others losing games.

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I feel like there are some people upset that Memphis blew the lead. I can’t compute how any Coog fan would be upset that Memphis didn’t win.


They would still find some measure to keep them out.


It’s simply delusional to think that UCF could get selected for the playoffs in the current system. ForGetAboutIt


Pretty hard for us to lose the West at this point.


No, it’s pretty easy to lose each game that we play. It’s hard to win games on the road. Look how close both the USF and UCF road games have been - and those are both undefeated 6-0 teams.

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Jinx…already nervous about this game given our road record as it is


We should make a cut and paste video of ESPN talking about how no team from the AAC (G5) should make the playoff and then cut to all the final scores of AAC programs over P5 opponents…


S. Florida is terrible, they just haven’t played anyone.

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We play Navy and Memphis on the road. Unless we play better against them on the road than we did against Texas Tech, it’s not a long shot for us to lose those games.

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USF isn’t in our division.


I didn’t say they were.

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Not sure your point then. USF was down 10-23 after three quarters to Tulsa on the road and we were down 17-23 to Tulsa after three quarters at home. If USF sucks because they haven’t beaten anyone, are you saying we don’t suck because we beat Arizona at home?


You must not watch College Football. Told ya :joy::joy::joy:


My point was that Woodmark said it’s easy to lose games, and gave the example of how close S. Florida’s game with Tulsa was. I didn’t think it was a good example, because S. Florida is terrible, they just haven’t played anyone.


Let’s get this straight: unless Captain No D shows up like in Tech game, we are in trouble…Captain No D probably need a special meeting with the president to understand how important it is to have his side of the ball ready…

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It’s pretty simple. Our defense is suspect. Our offense hasn’t played against a good defense. So when we finally play some good defenses, anything can happen.