Memphis v Navy

Memphis struggling. This one could be interesting.

It’s been raining in the area. We know first hand how that can affect a game at Annapolis.

Memphis pulling away. It is sure looking like it will come down to thanksgiving weekend.

Navy not done yet. Scored a TD and just stopped Memphis. Have the ball, down 5 with 9:30 to go.

Huge play for Navy. 4th and 1 with 5:25 left at the Memphis 18.

1st and goal

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Wow!!! TD…having mixed emotions.

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Still time, but Memphis has struggled to pass the ball today.

Fail on the 2 point conversion. 22-21 Navy…2:36 left

Memphis quickly into Navy territory

4th down at the 34

Navy wins.


Tough to win in Annapolis.

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Temple just lost to Buffalo 0-2

There weren’t any good angles, but it sure looked to me like the ground caused that last Memphis fumble. Really surprised they didn’t review it. Maybe I just couldn’t see well because I was watching on my phone.

Like Patrick said tough to win at Annapolis (cough cough, because they get even more calls there then they do on the road, cough cough)

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Fumble is at 2:04 of the above video. Definitely looked like the ground caused the fumble.

Never want to play Navy in the rain!!!

I have huge respect for thier coach!


It was 4th down either way. It didn’t really matter.


Dang that was a division game. Let’s see how things play out

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