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With this addition Memphis now has the #5 recruiting class according to 247. My question is are you guys worried Memphis is landing these top recruits or do you like the competition and feel it makes the conference stronger?



(Ricardo Montano) #3

Are they favorites to win the conference?


They will be if they land the other top recruits that they are supposed to.

(Russell Wayne Sollock) #5

It is a good thing


Probably based on talent. Ive heard theyre favorites for Boogie Ellis & Precious Achiuwa.

(Mike Higdon) #7

A rising tide lifts all boats. We could replace the old Big East as a basketball power conference. It will also help our strength of schedule. I see no P5 for us in the near future, so this helps our claim as a P6.

(PMM) #8

Is Penny still the coach ?

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(Patrick) #10

This is good. We want good teams in the conference to help raise everyone else. I hope Memphis is top 10 and I hope we beat them.


I am worried about some cheating going on…

(09Frontiersmen) #12

It’s not really cheating because Penny coached a few of these recruits at AAU level. Hence, why he was hired. Some of the other recruits want to be coached by a guy that balled in the NBA. I like Lil’ Penny better.


Also Mike Miller has deep AAU ties and played in the league.

(bg) #14


Yes and yes. We have a better coach. They will get bome cooking. from the refs at home, like last year and with better players, will be very tough IF they can replace them with the same caliber every year.


I think its great. The more basketball powers in the AAC the better.

(Butch) #17

It’s good for the conference for Memphis, UConn and Cincy to be good. They are household names in college hoops.
I don’t want our conference to be a cake walk. I want it to be competitive every game and thus I think it will develop into more bids and stronger teams at the Dance.
Memphis has been a strong program for many, many years, from the '60s till now. They pack their stadium and have loyal fans…
And with Penny at the helm I can certainly understand why the recruits are flowing in…good for them…now let’s go beat them on the court…


I don’t mind Memphis being the pacer/pace setter for the conference. Let them start strong while UH finishes on top.


I would love to see the AAC with 5 teams dancing every year.


Penny said he plans on using his remaining 4 ships on studs :astonished::astonished::flushed:

Make that 3 since Lester just committed.

If they land RJ Hampton (long shot or then something fishy is going on) to go along with Ellis & Precious :flushed: #1 preseason.