(Dan) #21

Memphis is #6 in the latest CBS preseason poll. That basically means their incoming class is getting Duke or Kentucky respect and expectations, at least in that poll.

(Ben B) #22

I like the fact they’re landing these recruits. I just want us to land a few more top 150 guys as well.
If CKS has 13 top 150 guys on the roster the Coogs are a top 25 team every year, even when we have large losses to draft and graduation.
I do think that w two more years of tournament wins you’ll start to see CKS really start to pull in some amazing talent.


If we can land LJ Cryer & Tramon Mark in '20 thats pretty good. I don’t know if you have been paying attention, we’ve been landing pretty good talent the last two years.


I don’t know.
I understand about Penny and all, but for Memphis to land so many top players so fast…hmmm…just seems rather fishy.


30 for 30 the " Memphis Spending"


Penny basically coached most of the kids he has gotten so far either in AAU or High school. Lester is the first non-Memphis kid in the top 50.


I just hope they don’t get to a level where we can’t beat them like in the CUSA days.


I want them to get tto that level but we DO beat them!

(Dan) #30

That Reverend Green in the song has a new meaning. He’ll be glad to see you.

(Bryant Hargrave) #31

I keep seeing this whole, “Oh they must be cheating!” Pearl clutching, I think I said it before and I’ll say it again. No one really cares, as long as the cheating results in a championship or final four appearances. Because as much as the NCAA “vacates” things. No one really forgets if you won.

The only folks who care are the fans of schools who get to call the winner school a bunch of cheaters.

(PMM) #32

So, you saying that they have already been paid.


Good point. But in order to do that, I think we would need to match their recruiting. They are getting some studs.

(Dan) #34

IMO they need to win now or the “Penny can recruit but can’t coach” narrative will negatively affect the program.


i dotn get the cheating comments…
penny is iconic in the culture with an extremely popular shoe line, mike miller is extremely well known…

and is flat out “cool-ing” every coach:
from the recruiting events

and the 1st elite recruits to come were all tied to him in his high school/aau team (wiseman, dandrige and jeffries)…the baugh is a memphis kid

its not hard to see what enticing about it…a cool nba legend with tons who already has ton of other elite recruits talking about doing something that might be once in a life time like the fab 5… id be interested if i was a elite recruit


memphis picks up a commit from the best Grad Transfer that came available this year in rayjon tucker


ESPN has him as #2. (Haha joke see recruiting thread)


I might actually watch Memphis early out of conference this year. Really curious about how these guys are gonna gel. Same with UCONN. They’re sitting at #19 in the recruiting rankings.

(Tom Green) #39

Post of the day!!


Memphis is going to be really good next year. But I still think we’ll win the conference. Us and Memphis should both be top 4 seeds in the tourney next season.

(Patrick) #41

Should help each other get better seeds.