Men’s Golf NCAA Tournament selection show

Selection show is Wednesday. Have a feeling that it might not go well. Two rankings I have found have us at 52 (Sagarin) and 61 (Golfweek). Missing the AAC tournament really hurt. Unbelievable that our last NCAA tournament was 2017. Spring sports, with the exception of T&F and Women’s golf, have really suffered lately.


Changes needed

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This isn’t going in the right direction. I wonder if Tuten could be a good recruiter?

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I need some of those Callaway UH balls! Not those $4 a ball off brand they sell in the team shop.

Edit: Found them!

Made the Kingston Springs regional!

10th seed, Tennessee regional. Didn’t realize over 70+ teams made it. Chance for redemption!

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Thank goodness for the Tennessee Regional and not the Albuquerque Regional.

We do not have a good playoff history in Albuquerque.


I’ll take it.

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