Men's Golf at Querencia Cabo Collegiate (Coogs finish next to last)

(Patrick) #1

Papito Gonzalez
Michael Perras
George Gardner
Matt Williams
Pryce Beshoory
Zach Tracy (Ind.)

Sunday, March 4 • 18 holes
Monday, March 5 • 18 holes
Tuesday, March 6 • 18 holes

Querencia Golf Club
San Jose del Cabo, Mexico
6,928 yards • Par 72

The Cougars will compete as part of a 15-team field, which features 10 of the nation’s top-25 programs and 13 of the top 50.

Houston will face No. 1 Oklahoma State, No. 2 Vanderbilt, No. 6 Baylor, No. 12 California, No. 13 Wake Forest, No. 15 Texas, No. 17 Stanford, No. 18 Arkansas, No. 20 Florida State, No. 24 USF, No. 27 Arizona State, No. 44 Mississippi, No. 49 Duke and Rice.

(Patrick) #2

Live Scoring:

(Patrick) #3

t15. Pryce Beshoory 71 71 E
t15. Zach Tracy (Ind.) 71 71 E
t34. Michael Perras 73 73 +2
t53. Papito Gonzalez 75 75 +4
t66. Matt Williams 78 78 +7
78. George Gardner 82 82 +11


OSU is the #1 golf program in the country. We’re trailing them in the 1st round by 21 strokes. It’s a good indicator of how much we need to improve as a golf program to compete nationally. 21 strokes, 5 players equals 4 strokes of improvement per player per round. It doesn’t seem like much, but it is.

(Patrick) #5

Team is having a rough go of it. +17 today and +30 for the tourney. Currently next to last.


Disappointing to see. I remember in 2013-2014 we finished in the top 10 or close to it and was hoping to see improvement each year. If memory serves, we lost a pretty valuable assistant coach that next year to Cal State Northridge or a Cali school and since then have progressively gotten worse each year. Are we just not getting the players or is it coaching regarding the golf teams regression?

(Patrick) #7

I’m going to chalk it up to just having a bad weekend. They did pretty well last week. I think this is still an NCAA regional team.


Hopefully so. I agree that they should make it to the NCAA regional, just hope to see continual improvement this year and in the upcoming years.

(Patrick) #9

t25. Zach Tracy (Ind.) 71 73 144 +2
t33. Michael Perras 73 73 146 +4
t45. Pryce Beshoory 71 76 147 +5
t58. Matt Williams 78 73 151 +9
t70. Papito Gonzalez 75 79 154 +12
t78. George Gardner 82 80 162 +20



(steve saxenian) #11

Not good

(Patrick) #12

+16 today which tied for the worst score on the day with Rice. Last two days, they had the worst team score.

Still finished ahead of Wake Forest; interestingly, they beat Wake at the AAI as well even though Wake is ranked and UH isn’t.

(itcoog) #13

Man this is tough pill to swallow. What does it take to get us into top 25 again?

(Patrick) #14

Not sure, but this has been a very disappointing season so far. If it wasn’t for the 1st round of the AAI, Coogs would probably be in even worse shape.

(Patrick) #15