Michigan Flood

Isn’t Broodo from midland? Hope all good with him

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Midland is also Dow Chemical’s sister plant to the one in Freeport. When I taught in Freeport the school programs were aligned with each other. If they transferred someone from one plant to the other their children could immediately enroll in the new school and everything would be identical, including homework. I’m not a Dow fan but they seem to take well care of their employees.


That’s actually pretty cool

Dow takes care of their people. I lived in Freeport for two months until the strange smell in the air that I woke up to on some mornings made me reconsider my dislike to commuting to work. I moved to Angleton. Also, I would hear kids talking about their dads being on “early-call.” I asked about that and it seems that certain workers were called early in the morning when one of the bayous in the area would suddenly be filled with dead fish due to a chemical spill. Their jobs were to get them out of there quick.

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