Michigan winning the NCAA Tournament


They just blew out Texas A&M can you imagine if they go on to win the Championship. UH was 2 free throws away from sending Michigan home.


Exactly. Can you imagine how we would have fared against A&M? Layola won, K State won. We just missed a huge opportunity. Make. Your. Free. Throws.


Think about it. If Michigan wins the national championship, they will have to admit that UH was the best team they faced in the NCAA tournament.


Yep. Maybe we need a free throw coach.

(PMM) #5

Of course if we had made another 3 pointer, or a 2 pointer or another lay in, or one less TO…or one less foul …or…or …or

It was a close game…PERIOD.

(Randy Randel) #6

Exactly. Blaming it on FTs is way too simplistic


Whatever. Those guys were TOAST and they know it. They used the black voodoo to make that extra long distance three pointer go in. Wagner still has the biggest mouth I’ve ever seen on a human.


5 POINT PLAY…should NOT have happened…we were pulling away…and then this happens. Either count the three or take the 3 points away and reward 2 freethows or count the three + 1 free throw…but 5 points…no, not at all. Did the Kid actually foul under the basket???..I didn’t see a foul at all but to kids trying to position themselves in case the ball didn’t go in…


Reminds me of baseball when Rice won. We were the last team to beat them.


two guys were jostling for position. A no call would have been the right choice.


Back to back baseball seasons ending to CWS winners (Rice and UT).


True. Davis was 9/12 from the line which is better than his average. It’s just a shame the misses came when they did.

It seems to me that free throws in that situation are the hardest shots in basketball to make.


If Michigan goes all the way then all you need to do is remember one simple phrase.

It is tough being a Coog,


I just returned from Vegas after being there since January 1. Heard that the owner of The D put down $10,000 (80/1 @ Westgate on 1/30) on Michigan to win the tournament before it started. Some guys…


Michigan hasn’t a snowball’s chance in Hell of beating Kansas or Nova. They may lose to Chicago Loyola who plays defense a lot like us. .


They might have a chance. But someone way above said we’d be the best team they faced if they win the title. I don’t care what the score is… I’ll be neutral and say we’re not Kansas or Nova… YET.


No we are neither one but we are closer in culture and approach to Nova than to Kansas. But we are talking about Michigan’s chances and I think Michigan’s chance is only slightly better the Chi-loy.