Mike Adewunmi Gone


(Dan) #2

I follow this team pretty well. Who?


our 3rd highest rated recruit coming last year, played in blowout games…athletic combo guard that we barely used

(Randy Randel) #4

Great kid but just didn’t develop his shot. College game is so perimeter-oriented now that a guard better either be an exceptional shooter or can penetrate and create looks for others

(Ryon Adams) #5

Another slot available to add a good big man!

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14 games in 17-18 but just 36 minutes.

(srassen7) #7

What’s impressive is I think all 3 guys that have transferred would’ve played on previous Cougar teams, this team is just so stacked for the foreseeable future that it was gonna be hard for them to get on the court.

They all seem like good kids and these transfers are as amicable as humanly possible.


If you’re paying attention, you had to expect that.


You are absolutely right.

(Patrick) #10

Going to miss Adewumni. Great kid, very athletic, but his skills haven’t developed the way they need to as of yet.

(Patrick) #11

(Butch) #12

Mike seems to be a really good kid, but who can blame him for wanting to go somewhere he can see the court with more regularity? i wish him well in the future and hope he finds the right spot for him…

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Per Duarte retweet:
Mike headed to Waco. They were great last season. 29-2.
UH signed a rare 6-5 golfer from there.