Mike Leach explaining the simplicity of a real CFP System - he's funny


Leach was on 790 recently and they talked about this. He said that football players should not have any issues with studies. He said that compared to other athletics there is not any comparison on the amount of time they have and also the help. Here is link to podcast of interview.

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3 Ward is right…way too many games for most people to watch or care about, plus the physical toll it would take. If anything, the max would be 8 teams with the top 2 getting a first round bye.


People wouldn’t care about the bracket above?


People would absolutely care about the above bracket and it would provide huge amounts of advertising and ticket sales $$$.

The primary problem in college FB is that the P5 leagues/teams want to grab/keep ALL of the money!


Also, nobody seems to focus on the fact that the P5 College Football Collusion has a racist element.

Sure, they use a lot of minority scholarship athletes on their FB teams, but overall the schools typically admit far less black students that is to be expected based upon their statewide population. Here’s a representative sample of a school from each P5 conference -

School - Black student % - [Black Statewide Population %]

UT-Austin - 4.2% - [12.7%] --------> vs UH @ 10.1%
Ohio State - 5.5% - [12.9%] --------> vs UC @ 10.3%
Alabama - 10% - [26.5%] -----------> vs UAB @ 21.9%
Clemson - 6.8% - [27.3%]
UCLA - 3.2% - [6.5%]

So even after counting all of their black scholarship student-athletes, the P5 typically admit only about 1/3 of the number of black students that should be expected based upon their state’s population; while the larger city universities (like UH, UC and UAB) are much, much more inclusive for their state’s black resident students.

Why is that; and why is that still allowed?


White folks are upset about the few spots they allocate to non-white students. I doubt you see that change. A white girl that was denied by UT-A even sued about it a couple of years ago. One of the reasons I came to UH. My older sister graduated from A&M and she had a miserable experience.

When my wife and I start having kids we will be pushing them to UH or a HBC.


What if the federal government required that all federally supported P5 conference universities become more inclusive, for example by requiring that their athletic programs cap the % of black players on their FB team at the same level as their % inclusiveness of black students in their student body compared to statewide %.

Example 1: UH has 10.1% black students vs 12.7% Texas overall statewide black residents.
10.1% / 12.7% = 80% —> so UH would be capped at 80% black student athletes on their FB team.

Example 2: UT has 4.2% black students vs 12.7% Texas overall statewide black residents.
4.2% / 12.7% = 33% —> so UT would be capped at 33% black student athletes on their FB team.

To me, it would be interesting to see if something like this would force the P5 programs like UT to become more inclusive in order to compete in athletics. In other words, use the power of the purse.