MLB now recognizes Negro Leagues as "major" leagues

See here.

It’ll be interesting to see what this does to the “record” books, an issue that is mentioned near the end of the article.

Could Josh Gibson replace Bonds as the all-time home run leader? We’ll see!


Well, it is too sad that most of those guys are 6 feet under now. It would have been great if it was recognized then.

However, it is great that today’s Commish want to recognize it for the families or the few that are alive today. What an acgievement!!


Hbo real sports did a story on this a few months back. Really great episode.

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It was long overdue.

As I said, it’ll be interesting to see how this affects some MLB records.

The Negro League Museum in Kansas City is still one of the best museums I’ve ever visited.

HIGHLY recommended!


Interested to see if MLB will compensate the remaining current players with a pension and benefits to families of deceased players.


I just read something on that is edifying.

Only “official” negro league games played between 1920-1948 will be considered for statistical purposes.

Barnstorming exhibition games won’t be counted; given that, Josh Gibson’s 800+ career home runs will not be a new record. Only 238 of those were in “official” negro league games. The rest were in exhibition games that apparently won’t be considered.

Additionally, because Hank Aaron’s Negro League home runs were all after 1948, none will be added to his all-time HR total; this will prevent Aaron from catching Bonds on the list.

HOWEVER…the following Negro League players have enough “official” at bats to qualify for the all-time BATTING AVERAGE statistic:

Josh Gibson (.365)
Jud Wilson (.359)
Oscar Charleston (.350)
Turkey Stearns (.348)

All of them, apparently, will qualify for the Top Ten.

This will push Ted Williams (.344) and Babe Ruth (.342) out of the Top Ten.

In addition, Josh Gibson is expected to SURPASS Babe Ruth for the all-time slugging percentage title, with a career percentage of .690, just edging out Ruth, who finished at .689.


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Oof! Hold on now.

Another source I read says that Gibson’s .690 slugging percentage included 116 Latin League games that won’t count.

Excluding that would put Gibson at #2 behind Ruth at .676.


Here are a few more records that might fall:

  1. only opening day no-hitter (currently Bob Feller has that distinction in 1940); he will now be joined by Leon Day who threw one in a 1943 Negro League opening day.

  2. Ted Williams as last hitter to bat over .400 in 1941; Gibson hit .441 in 1943.

  3. Single season batting average leader; currently held by Hugh Duffy in 1897 at .440; Gibson would get that record as well.

  4. Willie Mays might get a few more hits added to his career total.

  5. Leon Day’s career .705 winning percentage as a pitcher would be added to the Top Ten.


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