Was it just me or did the MOB seem to not have very many members tonight.

Travel Squad.


They weren’t doing their thing today so they left all the non-music folks behind.

Yes, they were a little on the light side.

But on a positive note, I did see that both Rice fans showed up. j/k


Of course you were kidding, Rice had at least a couple dozen fans. It was nice not having to listen to the MOB’s sophomoric skits that got old a long time ago.


I’m probably in the minority but I actually like the MOB. Yes, they are distasteful at times but, to my knowledge, there isn’t another “band” like them in the country. They are very unique and entertaining.


Stanford has an unconventional band also.

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Just like Rice is a lesser version of Stanford, the MOB is a lesser version of the Stanford band.

I remember when Rice had a real band - small, but quite good - somewhat like the SMU band! And, then they went with the MOB - yuck :head_bandage:

Sorry red80, love the MOB. The marching electric guitar showed up with small amp.

The best-ever MOB performance was when they scattered after the Spirit of Houston marched right through the middle of their halftime show. That was the infamous “Tribute to 0” show, for those of you who remember.

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And there was not one cute girl performing for the mob yesterday.

It was cool to see them playing with our band tho… kinda caught me by surprise.

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