Mock drafts / UH draft talk/ AAC draft talk

(@biged4heisman) #1

Melvin Frazier-#29.
Shake Milton-#27. (doesn’t mention injury)
Landry Shamet-#26.

(Russel ) #2

I wonder if rob gray is projected to be drafted?

(Patrick) #3

Not yet. He’ll have to show his skills in the combine as he’s an older guy. May be a late 2nd round pick like Dot was.

(Russel ) #4

Ahh gotcha! What do you think some his flaws that might prevent him from being drafted? His size and the fact he’s kinda raw?

(Patrick) #5

Size and age are the things I’ve seen experts have concerns with. He also isn’t a pure PG and hasn’t shown he can thrive in that role.

He probably has a ceiling of a solid 6th man who can provide some scoring punch in the NBA. It’ll be interesting to see if his ability to create can transfer.

(@biged4heisman) #6
  1. Indiana Pacers: Landry Shamet, Wichita State PG (6-4, So.)

"A polished dual-threat guard like Shamet would give Indy some schematic flexibility. The Pacers need to start rebuilding their backcourt around Victor Oladipo, and Wichita State’s stud is an ideal complementary piece. He has been highly efficient in his combo guard role for the Shockers this season, shooting 49 percent from the floor and 44 percent beyond the arc.

Whether he starts or comes off the bench, Shamet can tailor his game to Indy’s needs. He’s effective as an off-ball option who spreads the floor or cuts to the rim, and he’s also a much-improved playmaker. Shamet will share some of the creating workload with Oladipo without demanding the ball too much."

  1. Washington Wizards: Shake Milton, Southern Methodist G (6-6, Jr.)

"We could point to the improved scoring repertoire and efficiency, but the greatest stat that illustrates Milton’s value this year is wins and losses. He has missed the last eight games with a hand injury, and the Mustangs are 1-7 during that span. They were 15-7 before his departure.

Washington’s starting lineup is obviously set, but the future of its bench is anything but secure. The Wizards need scoring and playmaking from their reserve guards, and Milton can provide a little bit of both. His size and shooting should quickly translate to the Association, and although he’s not a dazzling passer, he’ll do some table-setting coming off screens."

(Patrick) #7

(@biged4heisman) #8
  1. Indiana Pacers: Landry Shamet, Wichita State G (6-4, So.)

  2. Golden State Warriors: Shake Milton, Southern Methodist G (6-6, Jr.)

  3. Atlanta Hawks (from Rockets via Clippers): Melvin Frazier, Tulane SF (6-6, Jr.)

(@biged4heisman) #9

(VancouverCOOG) #10

Where would Rob Gray be drafted?

(Lincoln Scott) #11

2nd Round or UDFA

(@biged4heisman) #12

Robs NCAA run might have gotten him late into the 2nd.
The 2nd round $ is not guaranteed & he could be better off picking a spot with a glaring opening as a free agent.

That said, would love to hear Rob Grey…University of Houston on draft night.

(Ricardo Montano) #13

It seemingly worked out for Dot until the Knicks brought in Hardaway and McDermott


I know a local team that will be picking late that round… :thinking:

(@biged4heisman) #15

Rockets have Miami’s pick(mid 40s)
Philly has Rockets 2nd pick.

Dot got a nice contract considering he plays mostly for Westchester Knicks.
Next year guaranteed then team option for the 3d.

(@biged4heisman) #16

Shamet-WSU, Frazier-Tulane in the 2nd.
No Milton-SMU.

(@biged4heisman) #17

“Shamet, a 21-year-old from Kansas City, told the Eagle that he is currently unsigned, but does plan to sign with an agent, which will effectively end his career at Wichita State”

(sphinx drummond) #18

I think Rob’s game will play very well overseas.


I like Rob a whole lot more than the freshman flameout whiner from OU.

(@biged4heisman) #20

Shake Milton-SMU declares.
“I’ve decided to forego my senior season at SMU and enter the 2018 NBA Draft.”