Morris to Arkansas

(Drew) #1

just reported on ESPN


I hope tje new HC in Dallas can keep things rolling. It’s good for the conference.


He sure ripped off SMU. They didn’t do anything (other than beating us).


Those two hires happened so damn close…pretty much no chance Hunter actually did the hiring of a football coach…again…


And Orlando to SMU…good for Todd



(David) #7

I would be really happy to see Orlando go to SMU after only one year. Please make it true. It is good for him and the AAC and horrible for UT.


Mixed feeling on that. I’d rather not have to face a CTO defense in AAC division play…but that is outweighed by my desire to see CTO leave Hermans side.

(David) #9

I hear you but the annual Major vs. Orlando match up would be interesting. I am a little afraid of the outcome though. If UH lost that game, I can only hope my frustration would be eased by a sub .500 Longhorn season.


SMU would be an instant contender with Orlando’s defense.

(PMM) #11

Would depend on who he brought in to run the offense.


Is there OC leaving?

(Patrick) #13

Yep, Orlando better hit a Home run with that offensive coordinator hire.


and leave ut before their bowl

(PMM) #15

I believe Morris was the OC…although not sure.

(Al) #16
  1. Watch Herman match anything SMU can offer
  2. Where was TO (acting HC) during our bowl game
  3. Remind me of all the recruits that TO brought to UH
  4. Welcome, TO, all the respect in the world for you as a DC. Wish you success as a HC.
  5. TO to SMU greatest excuse for Herman having another bad season. Yes.


Joe Craddock is listed as their OC. Came with Morris from Clemson. I suspect he may follow Morris to Arkansas.

He’s the one who busted our chops last spring with a disparaging tweet when he saw a Houston Powerhouse banner at IAH.


If it makes the conference stronger, I hope CTO goes to SMU. If we want to be P6, can’t be afraid of stiffer competition