Mr Knowles to teach at UH

Thanks again for posting this. It looks like it will be a great class with Professor Knowles. I wish I could take it!!

Is he related to Chicken


He will teach “The Music Industry and the Digital Age” or also known as “How to be a stage parent”.

I kid
I kid.


Well, it surely wouldn’t be a class to teach how to maintain your marriage after the fame comes or How to keep all the original members together when the entire group started to gain fame. I hate what he did to the original girls in that Destiny Child group when the fame started to come as well. I would not want to waste my time learning anything from Mr. Knowles. Can’t believe UH thought this was a good idea. I love UH, but I don’t think He should have been brought aboard.

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Name recognition and for a fee also? Quick money grab. He’s taught elsewhere where but will need to research to see if anyone has excelled in the industry cause they took his class

Every school has a prof or class like this.

(I am not going into politics…just that he is a high profile name)

Texas State announced, Beto will teaching a political science class next year. Again. Not going into politics, but he is a high profile name, a big get.

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