My flight to Lubbock

(Alfred Matthews) #1

Good amount of UH fans on this early flight. Even duarte on here.


Two of us cougar buddies are driving out this morning… Go Coogs…

(Brad) #3

Let the party begin!

(CoogNation_14) #4

Share some photos y’all! Have fun out there for us! Go Coogs!


Flying out tomorrow morning from DFW. Last time I went to Lubbock was 30 years ago and the game was played in a snowstorm!


Yuck. Will never visit that City again…have fun.




I’ll watch the game on ABC

(Will) #9

warn the Pilot to watch out for giant cow paddies on the runway


Game is on Fox.

(Midwest Coogs Fan) #11

Good luck to all those traveling!

Have fun and GO COOGS!


Fox 26?

(David) #13

Yes…Fox the major network. Back to back weeks. #Power6

(David) #14

Believe it is the game just before UT vs USC


Have fun everyone. I’ll be watching in Montana.


Stand in the back of a pickup with some binoculars, and you can probably see it.

(Paul Marlow) #17

Just drove through Sweetwater… 1.5 hours out!


Anyone know when the team fly’s out? I live near the bush airport and its been raining pretty hard here for a while and it looks like it won’t calm down till 5.

(Ron Derrington) #19

Visiting our daughter this week; so we plan to join the gang at the NYC watch party.

(Paul Marlow) #20

Weather update for game … 80-82 with some showers in the area. Not really concerned about rain, but this will feel like a break for the players that played in the Houston heat the last 2 weeks.