My opinion on Briles via

(jimmyschofield) #1 I’ve always appreciated all the page clicks on my writings on the SEC. My editor allowed me to write on Briles since it’s so controversial.

(WRB) #2

Nice work Jimmy


Thanks. I think you have expressed how many of us feel about this hire. At first glance not really happy but If Dr. Khator approves then we need to get behind the program and support it.

(Jimmy Morris) #4

If Dr Khator acts surprised by any backlash, it would make me question her critical thinking skills. The baggage isn’t just about the question of him knowing or not knowing what was going on. It’s about anyone hiring him appearing as if they don’t care if he knew or not. Even if Briles is completely innocent, the program now looks desperate to win at all costs. It’s up to each individual to decide if that is a good thing or not.

(David) #5

I was surprised to hear that a Briles would be hired. However, if I were to give up my tickets, it would be because UH has finally priced me out of college football (and we are getting to that point).

My thoughts on the hire: College Football is about winning. BCS / CFP / TV Contracts / Boosters have made it this way. It’s business. There are many CEOs, VPs, etc. that are not good people and have many skeletons in their closet but as long as business is good… I am not saying UH was right to hire Briles but this is where we are now in the sport. No one on this site was talking about how Major should stay because he is a good leader for the young men and preparing them for life after football. For several, it was all about getting to 9 wins or more next season or he is done.

And how much has been paid out in buyouts for coaches’ contracts this offseason?

Didn’t the school up the road commit $75M to a coach this offseason?

Isn’t there a former coach who loves to have the hardest Spring practices in history that may or may not be leading to an unusually high rate of concussions for his players?

I am guessing there are many things about big-time college athletics that I don’t want to know about – this hire just happens to be something that is on the surface and cannot be kept under wraps. We can pretend that nothing has changed about college football over the last few decades but we have been heading down this path for a long time. For some maybe this hire finally pushed the needle to “Win at all costs” but I think we probably reached that phase before now.

This story will blow over when the next controversial story comes up and it won’t take long. If UH can build its brand and be attractive enough in the next round of realignment, it may not be as lucrative as it is now to be a P5 but it could still put UH in the Have’s. I trust Khator in this decision (unless she leaves in the next year). I don’t have a track record with the new AD and I figure a casino-running BOR Chair has more than his share of skeletons that KB’s background did not make him flinch.

I guess we at least have an interesting offseason to look forward to this year…

(Mike) #6

Read the story and posted a link on Twitter. Short, sweet and to the point. Last year I would have cancelled my season tickets over this hire. But over the past year Briles has requited himself well and no tentacles from the scandal have ensnared him.

Like perhaps many of you, I was disturbed by the comments about “white girls” but most of us have said or done egregious things we later regretted. I know I have and I doubt any of you have gotten this far without screwing up at some point. This becomes a problem only if it turns out to be a pattern.

I’m sure the vetting included everything but a prostate exam. Our leaders are pretty sharp people and when they signed off on this hire they put their reputations on the line. So, I’m in. And looking forward to hearing the crowd cheer once again, “First down!”


Spot on, well put Sir.

(Mark Ross) #8

79, I agree with your thoughts as well. Given the vetting that has occurred and with so much at stake, I am open to this. I would not have felt this way a year ago.


And, I feel that it’s a good thing. I wouldn’t have a year ago, but I highly respect Dr. Khator’s decisions in all that has to do with the UH. Her blessing gave me comfort that the vetting was thorough.