My Thoughts on the Baylor Scrimmage

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So because I live in Central Texas now, I went to the scrimmage in Waco and then did my best to leave without giving a $ to the Waco economy :slight_smile:

I was on the whole very impressed with what I saw from the Coogs and obviously you can read too much into scrimmages, but it was hard not to be encouraged.

  1. Rob Gray and Corey Davis in the same back court will be almost unstoppable. Neither guy is a pure point guard, but the offense was absolutely at it’s best when both guys were on the court. Corey would generally take the ball up the court when both guys were out there and get the offense started. Both guys are great athletes who can score from almost anywhere on the court. If possible, Rob has gotten better for the 3rd straight year. Corey will be one of the most impactful recruits we’ve brought into the program in many years. The offense wasn’t bad when it was just Rob or just Corey, but worked less effectively when either guy was asked to be the guy running the point. Galen Robinson sat out this game (IIRC he had some kind of off-season surgery, so I’d imagine it was precautionary). I’ll be interested to see how he works with Rob/Corey.
  2. Devin Davis has gotten dramatically better from last year and looks 100% healthy. I think we were all encouraged by the first several games of DD last year and then he got hurt and wasn’t really the same. What I noticed most was how much his offensive repetoire has grown. He has a good array of post moves, but seemingly has polished his mid-range jumper as well. He was absolutely NAILS down the stretch and hit 2 fairly deep mid range jumpers to keep UH ahead. If he can play like this most nights against our competition I have a hard time not seeing him as an All-Conference pick.
  3. Wes VanBeck and Armoni Brooks both look more physically imposing than a year ago and it shows in their on the court play. I counted 3 straight possessions where Wes out-muscled a larger Baylor player in the paint for a rebound. Both guys will play a lot this year off the bench and one or both may start some depending on what kind of line-up CKS wants to throw out there. Armoni may have the smoothest shot on the team and he played a lot in the 2nd half when the game was tight.
  4. Breaon Brady and Nura Zanna struggled, but you can see from a skill set standpoint they’ll bring more to the table than last year’s bigs. Baylor is going to be bigger and most skilled than at least 90% of the teams we play this season. I think Brady has the better offensive skill set than Zanna and Zanna is the better rebounder of the two. They’ll both probably play equal minutes at the ‘5’.
  5. Fabian White looks like a freshman, but oh man this kid is going to be a really good one. He looked kind of timid at first, but you could see him get more comfortable as the game went on. One of my favorite parts of the game was him throwing it down in the paint when his BU defender lost him. He is built better than your average incoming freshman and has the kind of rebounding instincts you can’t teach. I expect he’ll be Devin Davis’ back up and get a fair amount of minutes this year that way.
  6. Chris Harris is RAW. He might carve out a role for himself, but I think he’s firmly behind DDavis/White/Zanna/Brady for front court minutes.
  7. Alan Bishop is worth every penny UH is paying him to do S&C for basketball. Every single player looks leaner and more muscular than they did a year ago.
  8. Gabe Grant is interesting. I am not exactly sure of what his role will be, but he was an effective scorer (especially in the 2H) and I’d be surprised if he isn’t another one of the guys off the bench.
  9. The only players who didn’t see action were Galen (as mentioned), Mike Adewunmni, Ced Alley Jr and the new walk-on.

Secret scrimmage

Thanks srassen! Can’t wait for the season to start.


Thanks…can’t wait to see for myself! Very nice recap


Great recap. Thanks!

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Awesome, thanks

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Very nice report…appreciate it loads. I think this will be a very interesting team to follow this year…lots of upside…

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You left out Sangoyomi (sp), but I doubt he will see much action either.

I think Alley is injured (hip pointer).

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I didn’t leave out Sangoyomi he literally played 30 seconds and was subbed out.

Alley had his knee MRI’d a couple weeks ago and had a fairly sizeable brace on his knee, but still went through warm ups and was dressed out.

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Knee can be worrisome. I had read he had a hip issue.


Great write up! I am definitely looking forward to this season. Watching the previous highlight clip was great to see some of the moves and shots, but what is up with Gray’s hair?! Ha ha But if it helps his play, I’m all for it.

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Thanks for the recap.


Compare UConn who got smoked by Providence in a scrimmage.


I just saw a highlight video of Rob Gray in the exhibition game. He and Van Beck look so much stronger than last year. Gray looks like a completely different player. Based on the work they put in the off season, this could be a special year.

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Wow so excited to see this team. They were very fun to watch last year and this year should be even better. Thanks for the recap especially since there was no tv.