My tweet to Lunardi

(Jimmy Morris) #1

@ESPNLunardi I ranked Houston vs your 5 through 7 seeds in 6 categories. Wins: tied for 3rd, Quad 1 Wins: tied for 2nd, Quad 4 losses: 13th, SOS: 11th, RPI: 3rd, BPI: 4th. Top 4 in 4 categories, bottom 4 in 2 categories. They deserve better than the 9th seed.

He replies to quite a few. Let’s see if he appreciates the homework.


Thanks for taking the time to crunch the numbers and send them to Lunardi.

I felt like we were being short-changed, and your numbers objectively confirm my feelings.

Any chance you could forward those numbers to Jerry Palm at CBS as well?

He too has us as a 9th seed.

Anxiously awaiting to see if he (they) respond and how.

(Jimmy Morris) #3

I sent Jerry a comment asking how losing to one tier 4 team, the second game of the season, outweighs 6 tier 1 victories the rest of the season. His short reply was “all games count the same.” Saying it doesn’t matter when the Coogs lost to Drexel and ignoring the rest of the question.

(shharper01) #4

Did we have all of our players for the Drexel game? It seems like some analysts give credit for injured or suspended players or late season success, especially for 1-and-done freshmen laden teams.

Which other team(s) had a bad early season loss that isn’t being held against them?

Rooting for Arkansas tonight! Glad to see BU and Aggy go down.

(Jimmy Morris) #5

It was Rob’s first game back. He did too much. It was Davis Jr’s first game with Rob and Van Beck started in place of Robinson. It showed with Wes and Corey shooting a combined 0-11 from 3 point range.

Even with a 9 seed in both the disputed brackets, we were the highest seed to have a quad 4 loss.

Both “experts” seem to be putting a lot more emphasis on bad losses than great wins.


Don’t matter…bring on whoever they match us up with…

(Jimmy Morris) #7

No doubt if we are an 8 or 9 seed, we will probably be the favorite in the matchup. I’m thinking about the next round. If we are an 8 or 9 seed and win, the next round we play a 1 seed. I’d rather us build up to the 1 seed than play then the second round. Wouldn’t you?


I would prefer to play the 1 seed later on as you would…but if those jerks want us to play them earlier, then bring it on! If we have to play the 1 seed at the top 32, I’d say bring it. (#1 better bring it on, because I think this Coog team is capable of going pretty far!) Win 5 games and YOU are the National champs!!!

(Brad) #9

There are two sides here. If we win out and make it to the AAC championship game, we’ll probably end with an RPI around 16. No way in heck does a 1 seed want to play a team within the top 20 RPI before the sweet 16. It’s not going to be just about screwing the Coogs.

Now. L.B.m

(Jimmy Morris) #10

Houston moved up two spots since the tweet without even playing a game. takes a bow


Any response from him, Shaggy? Glad to hear about the move, but I would like an explanation from him…

(Jimmy Morris) #12

I’ve only seen him and the RPI guy defend decisions against tweets. I haven’t seen either agree with tweets. The fact he didn’t defend himself and he also moved UH up two spots without them playing a game says to me that he took a second look and agreed.

(Brad) #13

Well, Clemson dropped after losing to VaTech (didn’t affect us because we’re still behind Clemson), Oklahoma fell after getting crushed by KU, Butler beat Creighton, and 'Bama lost to Auburn.

…oh, and Shaggy tweeted Lunardi. The legend continues.

(Jimmy Morris) #14

You left out that Seton Hall and TCU were also 9 seeds 3 days ago, each won games are are still sitting as 9 seeds. Add to that Miami was an 8 seed, didn’t play and stayed an 8 seed.