Nate Hinton to keep name in NBA Draft, go pro

good luck Nate. Great Coog


Not sure if they told him he was in the top 60 players to be drafted but I guess he is ready to make some money somewhere.

Yeah, he is… It’s a shame he didn’t get the chance to lead the Coogs in the tourney this year! Good Luck Nate!

Hopefully, he ends up with the Rockets… Yes, I’m an H-Town homer…


Damn it man I wanted just one more year. Best of luck to him I’ll be rooting for him for sure


He’s ready to go make some $$$. Can’t blame him for that. Not sure if he’s draft material but he’ll do well wherever he goes.


One of my all-time favorite players in a long, long time. Has such a huge heart. I wish him nothing but the best, and yes I would love to see him end up with the Rockets. If he can work a little more on that 3-point shot and his handles, I think he has a chance to stick with a team. Reminds me a little bit of Corey Brewer with the way he hustles on defense. Hell, I could easily see him as a fan favorite the way he gets after it on defense, rebounds the ball, and dives for loose balls. That’s why he was one of my favorites at UH.


Great player. All hustle and desire. Good luck Nate.


And skill.

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Way more body than Corey Brewer and not as fast… But BIG HEARTS both of them…

It’s like none of the players remember what happened to Brooks. Nonetheless, I wish him well and would rather see him to successful at the next level than to be right.

I wish him the best but I don’t see him as an NBA player.


Since there will be no Hinton, I suspect we will start dropping in the preseason polls.


big loss for us. But we have plenty of guards next season, plus this is a great sign. we just need to reload like other big schools.


Brooks has had a very good outcome so far. He made solid money last year and made good progress towards getting to the league. There also wasn’t much realistic progress Armoni could have made in his senior year to get drafted in a position to get a guaranteed deal. I think Nate would be more than fine with having the same professional development so far next year.

I love Nate and think he can be an NBA player but I’m worried things don’t go as well for him since next year could be a really weird year for guys on the outside trying to climb up. I feel stronger that Nate should have stayed another year where I slightly though Armoni should stay but didn’t think he was making a bad decision. Nate also IMO had more room to improve next year to where he could potentially get drafted and get a guaranteed deal.

But it’s in the past now and I’ll just hope for the best for him and the best for our Coogs next season.


He’s simply not consistent enough to play with the 300-400 best players in the world. He’ll likely go undrafted and end up overseas or in the G league. Had he stayed just one more year, he ups his draft stock and earning potential. These kids aren’t seeing the forest for the trees and really harming their earning potential. But again…I’d much prefer to be wrong about this.


You really think Armoni regrets his decision? He improved his game this past year and made some money and I don’t sense he has one regret at all.


G leaguers live on a comfortable salary and Brooks really did start filling up the stat sheet. Had there not been the pandemic, I see him getting playing time in some late season games for a young, inexperienced Hawks team. He probably doesn’t regret it. From a selfish fan perspective I wanted to see him drafted and on an NBA roster, which is what some scout or assistant GM probably filled his head with.

But strictly from a financial standpoint, making millions guaranteed to an unguaranteed six figures seems like a no brainer. The G league does seem to be increasing in prestige and could very well change the landscape of the sport sooner than later. But he’s going to have to fight to up his market value, because I believe he’s worth more as a player and I’m sure he does too.

The problem is it’s pretty unlikely Armoni could have realistically done anything during his senior year to get drafted in a position to get guaranteed millions. The extra year may have helped him get more ready to impress and get a two way deal and give him a little better spot to get to the league from that than he is in now, but I think that’s marginal. And with this being a bad year for marginal guys it may be better for him to have good G league tape than having a solid senior year.


This is all correct. Armoni could have gained value or lost value. Maybe he gets drafted 2nd round, but that doesn’t guarantee a contract. On the flip side if his numbers don’t improve or get worse, his value goes down. Armoni should be back in NBA training camp with another exhibit 10 or maybe a two way if he wants it. He may be a guy who actually benefits from this virus because the Hawks would be smart to reward players in their system than throw contracts at college guys they don’t know much about.

I also agree with you about Hinton. I am all for juniors going pro, it is a safer decision to take money if it is there. Hinton with two years left had an extra year in his back pocket if something went wrong. Still, I am happy for him going pro. I heard something weird a couple weeks ago that the coaching staff was pushing him hard to NBA teams and felt good even if he left. It still seems weird they would do that. I assumed it may have been a mistake with that person meaning Jarreau, but now maybe it was Hinton.


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